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FAQs on Award Email Notifications

Q - I received an award notification email, what should I do?

Please carefully review your awards on-line and the link to IMPORTANT INFORMATION that is provided. The "Important Information" link contains valuable details that will probably answer most of your questions. Once you have reviewed your information, please accept or reject each award that is in an OFFERED status. The awards in an ACCEPTED status do not require any response from you.

Q - How do I know if this is enough money?

The amounts in your award notification are listed for the academic year. To determine if you have been offered enough money, you will need to compare what you have been offered to your university bill on Eagle Online. If you have not yet registered for classes, you will not have a bill yet. You may view the estimated student budget by checking out our Cost of Attendance Page.

Q - How many hours is my financial aid based on?

Financial aid amounts on your eagle online account are based on you being full time (12 hours or more for an undergraduate and 9 or more hours for a graduate student). If you plan to take less hours than that please email the financial aid office as soon as possible, since the amount of your awards may change.

Q - What should I do if I haven't heard anything since I turned in all of my paperwork to your office?

If you are in school now, you will not receive an award notification for the upcoming fall term until after spring grades are posted around the middle of May. If you are a first time freshman, you should check your application status on Eagle Online to see if we are waiting on information from you or if any information that has already been submitted is incomplete or needs further attention.

Q - Why is my scholarship not listed online?

We have all the scholarship information our office has received posted on student accounts. It is probable that we have not yet received information on your scholarship. For community or outside scholarships, contact Claudette Venters at For Tennessee Tech University scholarship questions, contact us at For questions about the HOPE scholarship please contact Shannon Strahan at or by phone at 372-3077.

** PLEASE put your T # on all correspondence with our office! **

Q - What happens after I accept my awards on eagle online?

You must confirm your schedule. If your financial aid is more than what you owe Tennessee Tech, you can confirm your schedule as soon as we note in the computer that you have accepted your awards. If your financial aid pays only a portion of your university bill, you need to pay the balance by the confirmation deadline to confirm your schedule.

Q - When do I get my money?

If it happens that the credits to your student account from financial aid are more than what you owe Tennessee Tech, you may receive excess aid from the business office. Excess aid cannot be disbursed until regular Registration day, and may be subject to specific disbursement rules if you are a first time borrower, or if you take a loan for one semester only. Regular Registration day is the day before classes start for the semester.

Q - Do I pay to file my FAFSA?

Students and parents need to be aware of financial aid scams that generally take place throughout the year. A family should be extremely wary of any company that charges money in order to process a financial aid application for you. Remember that the FAFSA ( Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a FREE application. Neither the US Department of Education nor Tennessee Technological University works with any company or organization that would require a family to pay to apply for federal financial aid.

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