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How do I check what requirements I have on my Eagle Online account: HERE

How do I check my HOPE / Lottery Grade Point Average (GPA): HERE

Popular topics on the Business Office's "How Do I?" page:

- How do I Confirm Enrollment with Full Financial Aid Coverage: HERE

- How do I fill out a Student Information Release Authorization Form: HERE

**For other Business Office (Bursar's Office) topics - visit their page:

TTU Business Office (Bursar) - How Do I Topics


Students and parents need to be aware of financial aid scams that generally take place throughout the year. A family should be extremely wary of any company that charges money in order to process a financial aid application for you. Remember that the FAFSA ( Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a FREE application. Neither the US Department of Education nor Tennessee Technological University works with any company or organization that would require a family to pay to apply for federal financial aid.

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