Financial Aid

Summer Semester Application

2018 Summer Financial Aid Request Form

(Requires the 2017-2018 FAFSA to have been completed and processed)

LOAN awards will only be made to students who have registered (which begins April 2) for at least half-time (6 semester hours for undergraduates and 5 for graduates). The loan may later be canceled and the student have to repay funds already received if he/she drops below half-time hours. Pell eligibility will be determined on an individual basis, based on hours enrolled and Pell funds already paid to the student during fall 2017 and spring 2018.

Enrollment in Intercession Classes ONLY does not meet federal guidelines for a federal loan. Therefore; if you enroll only for intercession (May 7th – May 18th  or  May 7th – May 25th), you cannot get a loan and may not have any federal aid eligibility.

***NOTICE*** Our Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Process is run at least after the end of every spring term.   If a student does not meet SAP standards for federal financial aid at the end of the spring term, they may not be eligible for aid already awarded to them for summer.   Students who do not meet SAP standards will have the option to appeal. ***

PLEASE allow 7-10 business days AFTER you have registered and submitted the summer application for your aid to be posted. Once an award is made, we will send an e-mail to your TTU e-mail account telling you to check your award online. Students must confirm their enrollment with the Business Office or through Eagle Online to hold their summer schedule.

You may be eligible for a Direct Student Loan for the summer if you have not already borrowed your yearly loan limit during the 2017-18 academic year. The amount of loan eligibility depends on the amount of loans previously borrowed, hours of enrollment and enrollment period, year in school, and dependency status.

Dependent students who have borrowed their maximum loan eligibility may want to consider a Parent PLUS Loan or Alternative Loan. Parent PLUS is a loan that a PARENT may request to assist in paying educational costs for their dependent student.  Information and the process to apply are available at  The Alternative Loan is for the STUDENT borrower and is a credit-based loan.  Information on the process and lender history are available at .

The cost for attending summer semester is approximately $379 per credit hour for in-state undergraduate courses and $565 per credit hour for in-state graduate courses.