Financial Aid

Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is an employment program. It is intended to encourage and promote the part-time employment of students with demonstrated financial need, as well as assist the University. This program is awarded primarily to undergraduate students with financial need as determined by the results from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Due to funding restrictions, there is no guarantee FWS will be awarded to all eligible students.

FWS money is not credited to a student's account and cannot be used to confirm registration. Students are expected to budget carefully and use their FWS income wisely to support their educational expenses. Income earned through FWS does not have to be repaid. A student's FWS hourly salary will not be lower, but may exceed the federal minimum wage. Students are paid once a month for hours worked. Generally, students may work 5-7 hours per week while school is in session.

How do I apply for Federal Work-Study?

  • Federal Work-Study is awarded based on eligibility as determined by your completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FWS is awarded based upon need on a first come, first serve basis.  Students must indicate on the FAFSA that they are interested in Federal Work-Study (FWS).
  • If awarded FWS, the student must ACCEPT the offer on Eagle Online. You have 14 days from the date your award is posted to accept your FWS offer. If you do not accept the FWS, the award may be removed and gifted to another eligible student.
  • After you accept your FWS offer on Eagle Online, students will need to pick up their FWS Contract on the designated date provided to your TTU email. If you have a FWS assignment and do not have a current I-9 card, please bring the proper documentation to the TTU Human Resources Office, located in Derryberry Hall, Room 156.  To find out what documentation you need, please look at page 3 of the I-9 form, located at this link:  I-9  . You must have an I-9 card in order to pick up your FWS contract.   
  • If you were not awarded, but would like to be added to our wait list please contact us at requesting to be added. This is not a guarantee that you will be awarded FWS.  As FWS funds become available, we will pull from our wait list in the order in which requests to be added were made.

Contract Pick Up Day:

TBA for Spring 2019!

Do I have to take my FWS?

No. You can turn down your offer for Federal Work Study.  Please keep in mind, if you do not work, you will not be paid the FWS offer amount listed on Eagle Online.  Turning down your work assignment for this year, does not jeopardize your eligibility for future years. 

Job opportunities

The majority of jobs are on TTU's campus. Most jobs are clerical in nature. We do not generally assign students to the campus grill, cafeteria or grounds work. We do have limited off campus work opportunities.  To inquire about those opportunities please contact Tabatha Morris at

Provided that the FWS Contract has been completed, employment begins on the first day of class and ends on the last day of exams. Once you have picked up your work assignment it will be for fall and spring semesters.  Generally, we do not change your work assignment once you have signed your contract.  The office you have been assigned to needs your help to do their job too!

If suitable work hours are unable to be scheduled because of your class schedule, contact us at to seek another assignment.

FWS students who wish to be re-assigned need to contact Tabatha Morris at FWS students will only be allowed to change their assignment once per year at the end of the academic year or unless you submit documentation for extenuating circumstances to be evaluated by Financial Aid.


Wages for Federal Work-Study (FWS) are not credited to a student's account and cannot be used to confirm registration. Students are expected to budget carefully and use their FWS income wisely to support their educational expenses. 

Income earned through FWS does not have to be repaid. A student's FWS hourly salary will not be lower, but may exceed the federal minimum wage.

Student pay will be directly deposited into the student's bank account. If pay dates fall on a holiday or weekend, paychecks will be deposited on the workday prior to the weekend or holiday. Students will need to complete a direct deposit form available in the Human Resources Office, DerryBerry Hall Rm 156.  You will be paid on the 10th of each month for work done in the previous month.

Student responsibilities: 

  • To continue receiving funds through the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS), you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year and express interest in FWS on the FAFSA.  Additionally, you must have sufficient need for a FWS award and have completed all outstanding packaging requirements at the time of initial packaging of aid to continuing students for the upcoming award year, typically mid to late May.
  • You are responsible for completing all required employments forms (I-9, W-4, direct deposit form, Federal Work-Study Agreement Form.)
  • Arrive at the department/office prepared to work and to learn. Although the program is called Federal Work-Study, you will have an assignment that requires you to work. 
  • You must adhere to the maximum amount of work hours awarded for FWS. If you work more than your allowable hours, the Financial Aid Office may find it necessary to return other types of financial aid received to prevent an over-award of aid.
  • Basic work courtesies and expectations require that you notify your supervisor in advance if you are going to be absent or late for work. You must adhere to the dress code of your office and the expectations of your supervisor. While working in your FWS job, you will be seen as representing TTU, and you are expected to project a professional image. Some FWS assignments may also have specific dress requirements related to safety issues.
  • You must submit your timesheet to your supervisor on time. Late timesheets delay paychecks until the following pay period.
  • Federal guidelines prohibit students from working during periods in which they are scheduled for classes, even if your class is cancelled for a particular day.

Department supervisors are responsible for the following:

  • Confirming each student has a contract designating them to work in your department.  
  • Establishing a work schedule with the student and explaining the duties and responsibilities of the job. Federal guidelines prohibit students from working during scheduled class times, even if classes are cancelled.
  • Adhering to the Federal Work Study contract indicating the maximum hours a student may work. 
  • Verifying the accuracy of student time sheets before approving.  Supervisors are accountable for the accuracy of these records, which are audited by state and federal authorities. All departments must use the FWS timesheet provided by Office of Financial Aid.  Should a department have an electronic timesheet system that details the date and time worked, they may attach a copy of the record to the completed form.  All timesheets must be signed by both the student and the supervisor.  Timesheets must be submitted no later than the 1st day of every month to the Financial Aid Office. All payroll forms must be submitted to Human Resources on the 1st day of every month. 
  • Notifying the Office of Financial Aid in writing if a student’s work performance is unsatisfactory and continues to be unsatisfactory. 
  • Completing a yearly Departmental Work Request.
  • Notifying Office of Financial Aid of any supervisory changes by providing us the new supervisor’s name, location, email and phone number.
  • Supervisors cannot supervise a student who is a close relative.