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Department Rights & Responsibilities

Federal Work Study Supervisor Rights and Responsibilities 2019-2020

Department supervisors are responsible for the following:

· Confirming each student has a contract designating them to work in your department. 

· Determining which job description is a best fit (if multiple) and notifying the student of which job description to click when clocking in.

· Establishing a work schedule with the student and explaining the duties/responsibilities of the job. Federal guidelines prohibit students from working during scheduled class times, even if classes are cancelled. Supervisor will input class schedules in Timeclock+ as unavailable time. Supervisors are responsible for confirming at census the correct class schedule is listed in Timeclock+

· Adhering to the Federal Work Study contract indicating the maximum funds a student may earn per term. 

· Verifying the accuracy of student time in Timeclock+ before approving.  Supervisors are accountable for the accuracy of these records, which are audited by state and federal authorities.  All time must be electronically approved by the supervisor no later than the 1st day of every month within Timeclock+.

· Notifying the Office of Financial Aid in writing if a student’s work performance is unsatisfactory and continues to be unsatisfactory after counseling student.

· Completing a yearly Departmental Work Request.

· Notifying Office of Financial Aid of any supervisory changes by providing us the new supervisor’s name, location, email and phone number.

· Supervisors cannot supervise a student who is a close relative.

· Supervisors may not request a reassignment later than September 23rd.

· Supervisors may not hire a FWS student in a secondary position while receiving FWS funds.

Failure to adhere to the above responsibilities and maintaining compliance will result in the following:

1) Individual Training for each supervisor.

2) If problems continue to exist, we will notify the department chair.

3) If compliance violations do not cease, we will be forced to re-evaluate your ability to have FWS students in your department.

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