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Financial Aid

Student's Rights & Responsibilities

To continue receiving funds through the Federal Work Study Program (FWS), you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year and express interest in FWS on the FAFSA.  Additionally, you must have sufficient need for a FWS award and have completed all outstanding packaging requirements at the time of initial packaging of aid to continuing students for the upcoming award year, typically mid to late May.

You are responsible for completing all required employments forms (I-9, W-4, direct deposit form, Federal Work-Study Contract)

Arrive at the department/office prepared to work and to learn. Although the program is called Federal Work Study, you will have an assignment that requires you to work. 

You must adhere to the maximum amount of funds awarded for FWS. If you work more than your allowable hours, the Financial Aid Office may find it necessary to return other types of financial aid received to prevent an over-award of aid.

Basic work courtesies and expectations require that you notify your supervisor in advance if you are going to be absent or late for work. You must adhere to the dress code of your office and the expectations of your supervisor. While working in your FWS job, you will be seen as representing Tennessee Tech, and you are expected to project a professional image. Some FWS assignments may also have specific dress requirements related to safety issues.

You must use Timeclock+ system to record your hours worked for the month.  You are responsible for correcting any miss punches, selecting your job description, and supplying your supervisor with a copy of your most current class schedule.

Federal guidelines prohibit students from working during periods in which they are scheduled for classes, even if your class is cancelled for a particular day.

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