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BFA: Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) is a professional undergraduate degree preparing graduates for professional practice in a studio of concentration (art educationclaydesign [digital media], fibersglassmetalspainting, or wood). Our BFA degree is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

The non-degree Craft Certificate is conferred as a formal recognition by the craft faculty of an emerging professional level of studio knowledge and accomplishment in one of the five craft studios. Students are required to take only art courses; the program is usually completed in six semesters. No general education curriculum is required for the Certificate. Students in the Certificate Program have the same University admission requirements as degree-seeking students. 
More about the Non-Degree Certificate Program
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A: No. We currently do not require a portfolio review.

A: You must apply for the fall term by August 1st; the spring term by December 1st; and the summer term by May 1st to be admitted.

We encourage you to apply for admission one year before you plan to start TTU (for new freshmen, this is at the end of your junior year in high school). To be considered for academic scholarships, you must apply before December 15th of the year before you plan to enter.

A: Yes. Visit TTU’s Financial Aid Office for general University scholarship information. Students may apply for scholarships through ScholarWeb. The School of Art, Craft & Design also offers additional Art Scholarships for BFA majors.

A: Prospective students may contact the School at 931-372-3738 or email; or contact the Student Success Center at 931-372-6036, email; or visit Prospective Student Tours for information and scheduling.


A: Contact Meredith Lewis, advisor to BFA students, in the Student Success Center, or call 931-372-6036; or Janet Johnson in the School of Art, Craft & Design, email or call 931-372-3738.
A: Yes. Go to and follow the listed instructions. If you have further questions regarding admissions, or you would like a paper copy of the admissions application mailed to you, you can contact Tennessee Tech’s Admissions Office at 800.255.8881 or 931.372.3888.

A: In the section titled “Enrollment Information” on TTU’s Admission application:

  • Select your classification (i.e. Freshman, Sophomore, Transfer, etc.);
  • Beside the line “Intended Major,” enter one of the following: BFA-Art Education, BFA-Clay, BFA-Design, BFA-Fibers, BFA-Glass, BFA-Metals, BFA-Painting, BFA-Wood; include School of Art, Craft & Design on application.
A: Visit this link: to view Tennessee Tech’s transfer equivalency charts. You can then select your last school attended and determine how those credits transfer into the Tennessee Tech system. 
A: Initially, your advising will be managed by the Student Success Center. In upper division semesters you will advise with the professor who heads your concentration for studio classes, independent studies and practicums, internships or senior thesis, and the Student Success Center advisor will continue to advise you regarding general education and other requirements for graduation.
A: Yes. The Academic Common Market is an interstate agreement among Southern states to allow students to pay in-state tuition rates if they must leave their home state to pursue a degree or program that is not available to them there. Example: You want a BFA degree with glass blowing concentration, but you are from a state that does not offer that program. Through the Academic Common Market, you may attend Tennessee Tech in and pursue that degree and pay the in-state tuition rate. Students participating in other programs covering out-of-state tuition are not eligible.


A: University tuition and fees are paid directly to Tennessee Tech’s Bursar’s Office. Once you have registered for classes you have the option to pay online via web check or credit card. For more information regarding payment, contact the TTU Bursar’s Office at 931.372.3311 or email

A: Basic TTU student housing requirements are:

Degree-seeking students are required to live in student housing their first four semesters of college regardless of classification (i.e. freshman, sophomore, etc.). A student can be exempt from the residency requirement if he/she is commuting from a parent’s and/or guardian’s permanent residence which is within a 50 mile radius of campus or if he/she is living with immediate family who are permanent residents—specifically identified as grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers or sisters who are not enrolled at the university—within a 50 mile radius.Also, once a student has completed four semesters at ANY university he/she is not required to live in campus housing.If you have questions regarding residency, contact the Admissions office at 800.255.8881 or 931.372.3888. Visit TTU’s Residential Life Office for detailed info about living on TTU’s main campus.

A: Craft Center student housing requirements are:

Freshman students are not eligible for housing at the Craft Center, unless exception has been made by the Craft Center Director. For the purpose of determining Craft Center housing eligibility only, "Freshman" is defined as students who have not completed two full-time semesters of college coursework post high school graduation. All requests for a waiver or an exception must be submitted in writing to the Director of the Craft Center. Exceptions will be considered for students who are 20 and over, and/or students with a substantial professional-level involvement in one or more of the Craft Center studio media. For non-freshmen to be eligible for Craft Center housing, you must be registered for at least 6 credit hours during the fall and spring and a minimum of 3 hours during the summer. For more information about living at the Craft Center, e-mail, call 931-372-3051, or visit Housing at the Craft Center.

A: TTU’s main campus offers meal plans and a variety of on-campus dining options. There is currently no meal plan at the Craft Center; housing units are equipped with full kitchens.

A: Yes. The Craft Center provides a free shuttle service between the campuses during the fall and spring semesters. Visit Student Shuttle for semester schedule.
A: Yes. Students have the option to choose work-study when filling out the FAFSA application. To be placed at the Craft Center for your work detail, make your request with the Financial Aid Office. Even if you have not filed a FAFSA or financial aid form, there are still employment opportunities at the Craft Center. Student workers are occasionally hired for the following departments: maintenance/grounds, the gallery, the administrative office, shuttle drivers, and security.