Appalachian Center for Craft

Summer High School Art Intensives

The Craft Center invites high school art teachers from across the country to bring two of their students to our 2018 summer art intensives. This program presents opportunities for students and teachers alike to spend an entire week creating and learning in our professionally equipped studios and staying in our cabins.

Each teacher/student group participates in one of two intensive workshop options. Participants spend the mornings studying one craft medium, afternoons studying a second medium, and evenings exploring additional media. Craft Center artists and regional artists lead all workshops. The fee is $50 per participant and includes instruction, all materials, use of tools and equipment, room and board. (Yes, $50 per participant.)

Workshop Options - each group selects two.
  • Clay: Experience every aspect of the clay studio. Explore hand building a sculptural mask and wheel throw a variety of pots. Learn about different stages of firing and mix your own glaze. Complete the process with a Raku firing of your work. Create a variety of decorative and functional pieces.
  • Glass: Work with a variety of glass processes, tools and equipment. Learn the basics of working with different types glass at various temperatures exploring techniques in torch work, sculpting and blown work. Produce functional and sculptural work.
  • Metals: Explore the natural world through metalsmithing, beginning with collection, observation and drawing. Use this information as a guide in creating metal forms using hammers, torches and cold connection techniques. Build skills throughout the week to create a final project drawing inspiration from antique "wunderkammers" or cabinets of curiosity.
  • Wood: Gain experience with a variety of woodworking tools including a band saw to create a container. Cut, contour, add additional dimension, texture, and color to your wood using files, rotary tools, and paint. Learn a variety of surface decoration techniques for your vessel and how to preserve wood. Design and build a unique, sculptural box with a lid.     
Dates Available
  • June 16-21, 2019
  • June 23-28, 2019
  • Each participating group MUST include a certified teacher or homeschool leader and up to two students 9-12th grade, 16-18 years of age.
  • Each participant, teachers and students, MUST complete an information packet before arriving for their workshop.  High School Art Intensive Information & Release Packet
  • Each participant must pay their $50 no later than check-in time.
  • For additional information please contact: Gail Gentry, Programs Manager,, 931-372-6883.