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Blacksmithing Workshops

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Weeklong - June 27-July 2  Kevin Dotson Hammer
Forge Your Own Hammer
Kevin Dotson
Learn the fundamentals of forging your very own cross peen and rounding hammer! Cover the fundamentals of team striking with a partner, proper heat treatment and tempering of tool steel and basic hand wood working techniques in order to make a custom fit handle specifically for the blacksmith who will be using this hammer. Beginner, Materials fee $35 to create two hammers from 4140 tool steel.



Weeklong - July 18-23, 2021
Basic Forged Chef Knife
Nick Rossi
Gain an introduction to the forged blade. Forge, harden and handle a chef's knife of your own design. Cover every aspect of beginner knife making from steel selection to sharpening.
Beginner; Materials fee, payable to instructor, $20 for exotic wood and frame material


Weeklong - July 25-30, 2021  JayReplogle - fighting knife
The Fighting Knife - July version
Jay Replogle
Forge, grind and finish your very own fighting knife! Discuss blade balance and handle ergonomics. Learn how a fighting knife differs from other blades and what makes them so special.
Beginner - Intermediate - materials fee $50 payable during check-in


Weekend - August 6-8, 2021 AnnaKoplick
Forging Utensils
Anna Koplik 
Learn to forge a variety of steel utensils from a single piece of material. Cover isolating mass, spreading material, drawing out and hot cutting to create spoons, spatulas and more. Explore various decorative techniques and designs to create your own unique, functional hand-forged utensils.




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