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Clay Workshops


Weeklong: July 5-10, 2020 RachelClark
Innovative Decorative Possibilities with Laser Etching
Rachel Clark

Explore the many decorative possibilities of the laser etcher! Work with clay in all stages and learn to make forms, using slump molds, that optimize the use of different laser etching techniques. Gain skill applying imagery using Oxide Fusion Printing, laser sgraffito and laser Mishima as well as designing your own wooden stamps and rollers. Take home finished work and new tools.
Beginner-Advanced, Photoshop skills helpful, but not required
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE

Weeklong: July 12-17, 2020 Rachel Clark, samples sgraffito
Intentional Pots
Andrea Denniston

Focus on making well crafted, fully considered mugs, jars, vases, cups, bowls and anything in-between. Surface decoration will center on underglaze inlay techniques and glaze trailing. Work with cone 6 porcelain to bisque and glaze fire in an electric kiln before the end of the workshop.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - $2 per glaze trailing bottle with removable needle tips; $5 per retractable scalpel

Weeklong: July 19-24, 2020 David Heustess, vessels
Tell a Narrative: The Figure, Flora and Fauna in Porcelain
Taylor Robenalt

Let’s face it, sculpting in porcelain can be difficult. Learn techniques to control this fickle material. Explore sculpting in porcelain using the human figure, flora and fauna to create a narrative.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE

Weeklong - July 26-31, 2020 MarkArnold
Press Molds Meet the Wheel
Mark Arnold

Create molds to be used in combination with wheelthrown and handbuilt forms. Make pieces utilizing wood and/or plaster molds, and learn to use the wheel as a tool to assemble the pieces. Explore a variety of utilitarian forms, including cups and vases. Discuss how to use carving, inlay and terra sigillata as surface decoration to make each piece unique.
Beginner-Advanced, must be able to center clay and throw a small cylinder
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE

Weekend: August 7-9, 2020  AudryDealMcEver
Breaking the Circle: Exploring Thrown and Altered Techniques to Create More Complex Forms
Audry Deal-McEver

Learn to view wheelthrown pots as building blocks that can be transformed into a wide variety of non-circular forms. Through adding darts, gussets and handbuilt slab parts, gain experience altering symmetrical pots into a wide variety of new shapes to create more complexity in functionality, design and scale.
Intermediate, must be able to throw a 6-inch cylinder on the Potter's wheel
$350; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE










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