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Fibers Workshops


Weekend - May 21-23, 2021 ErikaDiamond_MouthToMouth
Tiny Tapestries
Erika Diamond
Explore the ancient art of tapestry weaving while creating a tiny tapestry. Learn to warp a portable frame loom and explore the basics of weft-faced slit tapestry weaving. Discuss the historical context of tapestry and develop a personal image to render in yarn.
Beginner; Materials fee, payable to instructor, $20 for linen warp yarn, various acrylic weft yarns, 3 tapestry needles, a small frame to warp and hang the finished piece, beaters (combs), sharpie and paper for drawing cartoon, and thread for finishing the ends

Weekend - May 28-30, 2021 JessicaWohl_StarsAndBars
Quilting: Color Play and Beyond
Jessica Wohl
Learn how to express yourself through color. Start with color theory and design to create deep spaces, gradients and movement through a variety of playful piecing exercises. Use reverse, raw edge and needle-turn applique to create spatial relationships in a snap. Make small studies and a composition to quilt at home.
Intermediate  (requires the ability to use a sewing machine)

Weeklong - June 6-11, 2021 RenaWood_Sampler
Stitching Outside the Lines
Rena Wood
Learn hand-embroidery skills, embellishment techniques and design principles. Work with solid fabrics and patterned fabrics to design new and embellished cloth to use in your sewing projects, quilt blocks or to hang on the wall!
Beginner; Materials fee, payable to instructor, $12 for a large selection of DMS embroidery threads, sequins, beads, threads and ribbon

Weeklong - June 13-18, 2021 AlexFoster_Schism
Exploring Natural Color and Cloth
Alex Foster
Deep dive into the wonder of plant color! Learn to understand the aura of your favorite plants through the natural dye process while exploring the landscape of the Appalachian Center for Craft. Bundle dyeing is the practice of discovery at the crossroads of art and science. Together, we will collect leaves, flowers and weeds to create botanically printed patterns on cloth. 

Weeklong - June 20-25, 2021 RebeccaSmith_Paper
Poetic Paper
Rebecca Smith
Explore traditional paper making through the lens of textile and poetry. Work with embellishment and surface while engaging in discussions of memory, material action and relation. Beat your own paper, learn to pull sheets and experiment with embedding and adorning one-of-a-kind paper with textiles, imagery and language. 

Weeklong - July 18-23, 2021 JanWutkowski_Hat
Basic Millinery Techniques for Hat Makers
Jan Wutkowski
Cover traditional hat making skills to create a big brimmed straw hat, a felt Fedora and a small fabric covered buckram hat appropriate for bridal affairs, teas and garden parties. Learn to measure your head, shape straw and felt over hat blocks, manipulate fabric for design/interest, work with feathers/flowers, make linings and many other millinery techniques.
Beginner-Intermediate (requires basic sewing skills - thread needle, running stitch, etc.); Materials fee, payable to instructor, $25-$50 for straw forms, depending upon choice; $10-$20 for buckram frame, depending upon choice; $15 basic kit fee to include petersham, wire(s), stiffeners, foundation material and other smaller essentials

Weeklong - July 25-30, 2021 HillaryFayle_MandalaForSriLanka
Embroidery and Beyond
Hillary Fayle
Explore embroidery and stitch work techniques from throughout history and around the world. Experiment using both traditional and non-conventional substrates and materials to create a collection of samples, notes, instructions and inspiration for future projects. 
Beginner; Materials fee, payable to instructor, $28 for needles, thread, embroidery floss, tweezers, embroidery hoop, needle tool, graph paper, cutting mat, thread snips and variety of fabric

Weekend - August 6-8, 2021 JudeStuecker_Doris
Dye and Print to Wear
Jude Stuecker
Making clothes is more fun when you make the fabric, too! Start with white fabric, dye yardage in beautiful colors, then make simple silkscreens to print on the fabric and create your own unique designs. Fashion a garment or two by learning how to draft a simple pattern and turn your cloth into something you can wear. 
Intermediate; Materials fee, payable to instructor, $7.50 per yard for 6.5 ounce bamboo/organic cotton/lycra jersey, $7.00 per yard for 10 ounce cotton/lycra jersey, $7.00 per yard for 12 ounce cotton/lycra jersey



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