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Glass Workshops


Weekend - May 21-23, 2021 JoeGrant_LenticularGroup
Glass Pushing!
Joe Grant
Explore traditional techniques and experimental approaches to glassmaking. Use solid sculpting, bit working and glassblowing to explore form, texture and content. Utilize cane and murrini in experimental ways. Come prepared to build on your current set of skills and to push glass to new limits. 
Intermediate-Advanced (requires the ability to gather glass, serve a bit and blow a bubble);

Weekend - May 28-30, 2021 NateCotterman_image
Glass Blowing: Hotter, Faster, Better
Nate Cotterman
Build on basic glassblowing techniques while learning how to work more efficiently in the hotshop. Start with drawings of your ideas and use repetition to develop a hot glass vocabulary that will achieve desired results with the material. Explore several basic shapes to develop a foundation that will help you problem solve in the hotshop.
Intermediate (requires at least one year of hot glass experience)

Weeklong - June 6-11, 2021 XanderDAmbrosio
Cups, Bowls, Cane and Cane Accessories
Xander D'Ambrosio
Explore fundamental techniques to make and use various types of cane. Address the basics and non-traditional methods like solo-work and production style techniques. While focusing on efficiency, experiment with pattern types by applying them to simple cup and bowl forms.  

Weeklong - June 13-18, 2021 RichardParrish_Prism
Making and Designing with Parts Sheets
Richard Parrish
Explore ways to make original parts sheets to go beyond the use of off-the-shelf sheet glass. Use glass frit, powder and stringers to create original sheets of glass that can be cut and utilized in finished fused glass pieces. Make numerous samples for reference, then design and make parts sheets to use in a final project.
Intermediate-Advanced (requires strong glass cutting skills)

Weeklong - June 20-25, 2021 EricDePan_vase
Blowing Bubbles
Eric DePan
Learn the basics of glassblowing - gather glass from the furnace, blow a bubble, serve a punti, anneal the final piece and more. Practice these skills through repetition and by creating basic objects to keep or remelt. Walk away with a menagerie of simple objects and a basic skillset of glassblowing. 

Weeklong - July 18-23, 2021 CarmenLozar_BubbleGum
Boro Basics and Beyond
Carmen Lozar
Focus on the basics of sculpting borosilicate glass at the torch. As skills develop over the week, incorporate storytelling to make sculptures rich and meaningful. Learn the basics of manipulating glass into something uniquely your own. Cover color, garaging, assembling and an introduction to tubing.

Weeklong - July 25-30, 2021 EricDePan_Incalmo
Incalmo: Nothing Matters
Eric DePan
Learn to blow glass forms with distinct colored sections. Practice this ancient technique of joining hot bubbles of glass while ensuring that the sections fit together perfectly. In this class everything matters!
Intermediate-Advanced (must be able to gather glass and blow a bubble)

Weekend - August 6-8, 2021 LaurenHunt_Rooted
Cane Techniques: Traditional and Not So Traditional
Lauren Hunt
Focus on effectively pulling cane and creatively utilizing it. Work on traditional roll up techniques and expand to fun, creative ways to manipulate and influence the final design. Be prepared to bring a notebook with illustrations and ideas.
Intermediate (requires minimum 3 years experience gathering glass)


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