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Glass Workshops


Weeklong: July 5-10, 2020Rebecca Arday
The Best of Both
Rebecca Arday

Bring together mold making and glassblowing to explore the benefits of the hot blow mold process. Glassblowers who are drawn to kilncast aesthetics and/or kilncasters who want to work in multiples more quickly will enjoy this crossover. Processes will include alginate molds, wax working, mold making anatomy, glassblowing setups, kiln schedules, cold working and finishing techniques.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE

Weeklong: July 12-17, 2020  KitPaulson
A Simple Framework: Structural Flameworking
Kit Paulson

Starting with basic borosilicate flameworking techniques, focus on building structures in solid glass (with some forays into hollow objects). Using a kiln shelf and working directly from scale drawings, learn to construct complex forms from small motifs. Expect to learn the fundamentals of borosilicate flameworking as well as techniques more specific to this method of building. Bring grand ideas, a pencil and a drawing compass. Expect to learn through demos, illustrated hand-outs, slide shows and hands-on practice.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE

Weeklong: July 19-24, 2020  Dan Mirer
Anatomy of the Cup
Dan Mirer

Explore a variety of ways to build goblets. Embrace elements from the Venetian, Scandinavian and Bohemian traditions and use these as a vocabulary to create unique designs. Cover mold design and different styles of mold blowing. Please come to class prepared with ideas and drawings.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE

Weeklong: July 26-31, 2020  JackGramman
Stretch and Bend: Hot Sculpting Techniques for the Curious
Jack Gramman

Like yoga for your glass! Explore various approaches to hot sculpting. Address blown and solid sculpting as well as bit work and garage assembly. Bring ideas and sketches and come prepared to try new things.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE


Weekend: August 7-9, 2020 Eric DePan
Blowin' Bubs / Intro to Glass Blowing
Eric DePan

Learn the fundamentals of glassblowing. Gain ability or reinforce experience in safety, color application and bubble set up to create basic forms in blown glass.
$350; Additional materials fee payable to instructor – NONE



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