Glass Workshops


Weekend - May 17-19, 2019 Jen Blazina, flowers in glass
Screenprinting on Kiln Formed Glass
Jen Blazina
Combine your love of imagery and kiln formed glass. Experiment with innovative approaches to screen-printing and alternative printing. Learn to make painterly and photo-generated imagery. Experiment with colors to create background, midground and foreground. Learn all the process from coating a screen to final print and firing schedules. Acquire information on how to build your own screen print shop and exposure unit.
Novice; helpful are the ability to use Photoshop and to bring your own computer

Weeklong - May 26-31, 2019 Jeff Mack, goblets
Bubbles and Bit-work
Jeff Mack
Focus on intermediate skill building at the furnace. Concentrate on bubble set up and forming, differences in approaches for varied scale, set up for optic molding, using the garage to assemble multiple parts, and bit working techniques.
Intermediate; MUST be able to gather a usable ball of glass with one dip on a half inch iron

Weeklong - June 2-7, 2019 Morgan Peterson, Jimi Hendrix
Texture is Image
Jennifer Crescuillo and Morgan Peterson
Focus on imagery and pattern as a way to explore the cold shop and kilns. Cover techniques including basic grinding and polishing, sculptural carving, sand blasting, lathe cutting and cold construction.  Enhance imagery with fire polishing and enameling. Learn to plan complex patterns on flat and three-dimensional glass. Develop problem-solving strategies to execute designs.
Novice-Advanced - ability to use power tools is useful

Weeklong - June 9-14, 2019 Nancy Cann, goldfish
Glass Fusing the Inexpensive Way!
Nancy Cann
Glass fusing doesn't have to break the bank. Explore the use of commercial fusible glass versus found bottles and window glass. Learn to add color and design with enamels, micas and frits. Use a variety of inclusions and create single and multi-use molds.
Materials fee: to be determined

Weekend - July 5-7, 2019 Andrew Certo, vessels
Capturing Motion in Glass
Andrew Certo
Learn to capture motion with glass sculpture. Cover bending, gathering, stretching and shaping/sculpting techniques for borosilicate glass, as well as how to turn a glass or metal object into a DIY mold.

Weeklong - July 14-19 2019  Shane Fero, glass bird
Flameworking: Inspired by Nature & the Imagination
Shane Fero
Begin by blowing tubes and manipulating solid rods for sculpture. Follow with use of color emphasizing design through the use of glass powders and rods. Instruction includes blown and sculptural forms  -  avian, mythological, the human figure and other forms from nature.

Weeklong - July 21-26, 2019 Leckie Gassman, vessels
Intro to Glass Blowing
Leckie Gassman
Gain a solid foundation of working with hot glass. Learn basic techniques and shape glass with a variety of tools. Work at your own pace while acquiring skills to execute your own designs and ideas.
Beginner-Intermediate; must be able to gather glass

Weekend - August 2-4, 2019 Karen Reed, fusing sampler
Fused Glass Sampler
Karen Reed
In this introduction to fusing, gain a potpourri of experience with warm glass. Explore a variety of decorating techniques including penning, stamping, sgraffito and a wonderful product called “MUD.”


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