Metals Workshops


Weekend: May 22-24, 2020  JuliaWoodman
Two Bracelets: Forged and Hollow Formed
Julia Woodman

Discover how to move metal using time honored forging and shell forming techniques. Not all hammers are the same - learn their differences and how to use them. Choose copper or sterling to forge two bracelets using rod for one and sheet for the other. Students of all levels are invited to pick up a hammer and make the metal move!
$350; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - $75 for preformed plastic delrin mandrels or $20 for 12-inch rod with instructions to form the mandrel

Weeklong: May 29-31, 2020 JessicaCalderwood
Image + Glass: Rendering in Enamel
Jessica Calderwood

Working from personal sketches and reference images, learn how to use chiaroscuro rendering techniques in vitreous enamel. Work with copper sheet and porcelain coated steel while learning to use the bending brake, enamel sifting processes, stencils, sifting over wet media, underglazes and overglazes. Create a handful of working samples.
$350; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - $10-$20 for copper forms - OPTIONAL

Weekend: June 5-7, 2020 LucyDerickson
Pewter? I Hardly Knew 'er
Lucy Derickson

Pewter is a malleable metal alloy that can easily be formed and cast. Learn to fabricate pewter sheet to create a small hollow container. Then learn to cast pewter to create embellishments, such as handles or feet, and attach them to the vessels .
$350; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - $20 per pound for pewter ingots,  extra available if needed

Weeklong: July 5-10, 2020 Everett Hoffman
Carve, Cast, Clean, Repeat! The Basics of Lost Wax Casting
Everett Hoffman

Cover the basics of lost wax casting while learning to carve, sprue, invest, weigh and cast in both bronze and silver. Learn to carve three dimensionally in wax to create one-of-a-kind castings that can be used to fabricate jewelry or ornamental objects. Cover the basics including sanding, filing and sawing.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE

Weeklong:  July 12-17, 2020 MichaelNashef
Michael Nashef

Explore the possibilities and processes of introducing alternative materials into jewelry and small object making. Gain skill using concrete/cement in conjunction with color dyes to create colorful pieces. Apply traditional and advanced mold making techniques with 3-D printed materials and spend time exploring and creating unique designs.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE

Weeklong: July 19-24, 2020  JaydanMoore
Jaydan Moore

Cover sheet patterning techniques to create all types of shapes and learn to cut metal as efficiently as possible. Gain skill making compound curves through sinking and raising, sharp edges through scoring and bending, and larger scale soldering techniques to bring pieces together. Practice these techniques while working on a piece of your own.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - fee for sheet metal dependent upon market price at time of workshop

Weeklong:  July 26-31, 2020  DouglasPryor
High Relief Chasing: The Art of the Chisel
Douglas Pryor

The options are limitless for creating objects with chisel work. Focus on the demands and strengths of high relief chasing which requires planning and sculpting ability. Practice on paper and clay in order to study the material demands of sheet metal. Dive deep into chisel design, chisel control, pitch management and composition. To make work you've never made before, you must push yourself as much as you push your medium. Push your limits in this comprehensive workshop.
Intermediate, must have drawing skills
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - $225 for 1/4" 16 chisel set including: 4 planishing chisels, 4 embossing chisels, 2 angles planishing chisels, 3 curved liner chisels, 2 straight liner chisels, and 1 stippling chisel

Weekend: August 7-9, 2020 Kahtleen Kennedy
Alternative Materials/Alternative Connections
Kathleen Kennedy

Explore working with found materials. Discover potential meanings that are contained within these materials by manipulating and transforming them into wearable objects. Investigate the natural ability of metal to act as a connector to bring found materials together.  Cover the basics of cold connecting, prong setting and pin mechanisms.
Beginner-Advanced, basic knowledge of sawing, filing, sanding and soldering metal are helpful
$350; Additional materials fee payable to instructor – NONE


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