Wood Workshops


Weekend: May 22-24, 2020 BrianHorais
Twisted Shapes with Embellishments
Brian Horais

Produce eye-catching, twisted spiral shapes on a lathe. Learn to develop twisted, multi-axis turning and produce both full and half twist shapes. In additional, gain hands-on instruction in embellishments including carving and shaping.
Intermediate, must be able to turn a cylinder with tenons
$350; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - $35 to include drive bit, 4-point, 5/8 inch, #2 MT;  hardwood and practice wood blanks; set of mesh sanding paper and sanding pads; drawing and marking tools

Weekend: May 29-31, 2020 JohnLucas
Introduction to Woodturning
John Lucas

Learn the basics of woodturning, including how to properly sharpen, hold and use the tools; good cutting techniques; mounting and turning spindles and platters; and reading the grain for better cuts. Gain all these skills while creating a hand mirror or two.
$350; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - $10 per mirror kit used,  additional kits may be purchased

Weekend: June 5-7, 2020 DaveBrandyClements
Seat Weaving with Color & Pattern
Dave and Brandy Clements

Begin with a chair that has four rails at the seat and is in good repair. Use dyed reed and shaker tape to create a chair seat with vibrant colors and fun patterns. Complete 2-4 projects during the weekend and gain the ability to confidently complete a chair weaving project at home.
Beginner-Advanced, must have moderate hand and shoulder strength
$350; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - tool kit with 2 spring clamps and reed snips ($10); plain splint reed ($20/chair); dyed splint reed ($35/chair); 1 or 2 colors Shaker tape ($50/chair). MUST pre-order from instructors.

Weeklong: July 5-10, 2020 Sally Ault
Smorgasbord of Woodturning Skill Building Projects
Sally Ault

Polish your skill and ability at the lathe as you learn to efficiently turn several production objects suitable for craft fairs or online sales. Projects include honey dippers, tops, pens, scoops, lidded bowls, boxes, weed vases, chatter tools and more. Time and interest will dictate projects covered and materials used.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - $6 for 2 slimline pen kits

Weeklong: July 12-17, 2020 SammyLong
Creative Power Carving
Sammy Long

Explore the fundamentals of relief carving using rotary carvers for embellishing your wood work. Learn to add texture, remove negative space, sand and finish your projects. Leave the class with at least two finished pieces.
Intermediate, turning experience recommended but not required
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - $12 per cherry disc, will need a minimum of three for the class. Pre-turned pieces available for those who do not turn.

Weeklong: July 19-24, 2020 MichaelOsheroff
These Stools Are Made for Sittin'
Michael Osheroff

Learn to build an elegant, functional stool. Examine the ergonomics of sitting and what is required to create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable stool. Transform rough lumber into a finished work stool, learning simple joinery techniques and design methods that can be applied to a number of other projects.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE

Weeklong: July 26-31, 2020 WyattSevers
Design, Build, Admire
Wyatt Severs

Design and build a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. Start with a discussion on the characteristics of wood to gain an understanding of the design and building process. Cover all machines used in dimensioning and shaping lumber and learn various methods of joinery for different structures to ensure strength and longevity. Explore different kinds of finishes, including milk paint.
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE

Weekend: August 7-9, 2020  Daniel Clay, chip carving
Band Saw Boxes: A Simple Way to Make Small, Wood Vessels
Katie Hudnall

Creating a band saw box is a great way to learn to work with wood and make beautiful objects using simple joinery techniques. Explore the basics of creating these versatile boxes with lids and embellishing them with paint, carving and added textures.
$350; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - NONE


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