Wood Workshops


Weekend - May 17-19, 2019 Alicia Dietz, cutting board
Cutting Boards
Alicia Dietz
Learn to make wooden platters to be used as bread boards, cheese platters and charcuterie boards. Try your hand at carving embellishments that emphasize texture and use of the hand. Combine multiple wood types to create functional platters that add a homemade touch to your kitchen.

Weeklong - May 26-31, 2019 Beth Ireland
Architectural Woodturning
Beth Ireland
Learn a wide variety of architectural woodturning techniques while focusing on proper use of the spindle and roughing gouges. Use roughing, shear and pommel cuts with offset turning to create shapes like ellipse, triangle and soft square. Cover architectural mapping and carving as well as reproduction turning; make copies and multiples.
Suitable for all levels of object and furniture makers

Weeklong - June 2-7, 2019 Sylvie Rosenthal, snake box
Tiny Cuts in a Big World: Sculptural Woodworking
Sylvie Rosenthal
Focus on the skills necessary to shape and carve three-dimensional wood forms. Build up blanks to use wood in the most economical, structural and effective ways. Lean to hold, cut, glue, clamp, carve and think through how to assemble, problem solve and repair. Use both power and hand tools for gross shaping and intricate detail work. Create functional, non-functional, dysfunctional furniture and sculpture.
Novice-Advanced; basic knowledge of woodworking is helpful

Weeklong: June 9-14, 2019 Sophie Glenn, chair
Finish It Up: Techniques for Wood and Metal
Sophie Glenn
Gain familiarity with various wood and metal finishes, including milk paints and woodcarving, metal patinas, metal etching and more. Acquire the knowledge necessary to source materials, prepare tools and equipment and create your own embellishments for a variety of projects.

Weekend - July 5-7, 2019 Jason Schneider, cardboard platter
Beginning Bowl Turning
Jason Schneider
Learn to turn a functional bowl while placing emphasis on wood selection, lathe operation, tools and form along with rim and foot design. Create several bowls and gain confidence to safely turn wood on a lathe.

Weeklong - July 14-19, 2019 Teresa Audet, box
Reliquary Boxes
Teresa Audet
Design and build a hardwood box inspired by a personal object or relic. Learn several techniques including bandsaw boxes, mitered boxes and hand-cut dovetails. Explore carved textures, painted surfaces and other methods of embellishment to finish your boxes.

Weeklong - July 21-26, 2019 Chance Coalter, chair
Off the Shelf
Chance Coalter
Design and build your own unique shelf or shelves. Learn veneering, inlay, joinery, shaping and various bending techniques (free-form, steam, lamination, kerf) and use these techniques to create a shelf. Creative exchange and support are encouraged.
Materials fee: $25

Weekend - August 2-4, 2019  Daniel Clay, chip carving
Introduction to Chip Carving
Daniel Clay
Explore the fundamentals of chip carving, a decorative technique in which faceted "chips" are removed from a wooden surface to produce geometric patterns, stylized images, lettering and ornamentation. Gain extensive knowledge through demonstrations and guided practice.
Materials fee: $25


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