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Welcome to the Bassoon Studio!

Dr. Jeff Womack, Assistant Professor

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Office: 213, Bryan Fine Arts Building

Our individual and collective goal is to master this noble and difficult instrument through...

hard work and patience;
a sense of humor and camaraderie;
enthusiasm and relentless, consistent practice;
Oh, yes, and did we mention hard work? (Don’t forget the 10,000 hour rule.)

Please don’t hesitate to contact the head of the Bassoon Studio, Dr Jeff Womack, with your questions about this unique and active program. For more information, contact the School of Music or visit us in person.

Resources for Bassoon Students

Charts, Scales & Music

Bassoon Fingering Chart 
Contrabassoon Fingering Chart 
Bb Scale Patterns 
Music for Bassoon 

Instruments, Reeds & Bocals

Instrument Information 
Reed Information
Reed Chart 

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