School of Music

Student Ensembles

We offer a wide variety of ensemble performance opportunities for all students, music majors and non-majors.

See the details of each ensemble: contact information and audition requirements; some ensembles do not require an audition.

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Zero Credit Ensemble Policy

All students are encouraged to enroll in music ensembles (bands, choirs, orchestras, chamber music, etc.).

All ensemble classes are offered in double sections: a 1-credit section and a 0-credit section.

  • Enrollment in an ensemble for zero credit is subject to the following conditions:
  • All enrollees will be graded, with the grade appearing on the transcript as usual.
  • Only full-time students, as defined by the University, are eligible for zero-credit sections.
  • Music majors must register for credit for all ensembles that are required under their curricular concentration and option.
  • After that requirement is met, any student can be accepted into any ensemble for zero credit by permission of the instructor.