Flight Plan - Overview

UPDATE: Please click on the links below to view the full Flight Plan Initiative Update, as well as the Flight Plan Prior Accomplishments and Overall Summary Report.

Flight Plan Update - July 2016

Flight Plan Initiative Update - July 2015

Flight Plan Initiative Update - October 2014

Flight Plan Prior Accomplishments - March 2014

Flight Plan Overall Summary Report - August 2013

With our university's mission, legacy and identity in mind, Tennessee Tech has embarked on Flight Plan: Focused for the Future, a project to prepare and strengthen TTU for the future. A team of university faculty, staff and students has identified four areas on which we will focus:

Improve Undergraduate Student Experience Transform Technology Create Distinctive Programs and Invigorate Faculty Resources and Modernize Infrastructure

For each of these four focus areas, you will find key priorities, which include a quick guide describing what it is, what we want to accomplish, how it will happen, and how we measure success.

To see faculty and other team leaders discuss priority actions in detail, choose from these focus area pages: undergraduate experience, technology, or distinctive programs.

Get involved. Help us shape the future of our university.