Complete College Tennessee Act & Flight Plan

With Flight Plan, Tennessee Tech is aligning its efforts with the Complete College Tennessee Act (CCTA). This legislation, passed in 2010, focuses the state’s public higher education institutions on increasing educated graduates while maintaining program quality in a effective and efficient manner. Public institutions need to show they are good stewards of the state’s resources. Among other things, the act calls for a five percent increase in student graduation. To this end, the act calls for state funding of education to become outcome based, with a quality-funding component, instead of simply funding based on the level of enrollment.

Flight Plan, with its four focus areas, addresses how we are going to meet and exceed the CCTA requirements: An improved undergraduate experience, enhanced technologies to support student needs, new and innovative programs coupled with a committed faculty, and increased non-state funding all fall in line with the act.

Our success in implementing the Flight Plan will be objectively measured using metrics such as ACT scores, number of bachelor degrees conferred, retention rates (first to second year, and second to third year), and graduation rates. These are also measures used by the CCTA.

To see how Flight Plan's four focus areas align with CCTA, visit this quick reference page.