Flight Plan Progress

When Tennessee Tech implemented the university’s new strategic plan for the future, Flight Plan, we promised to continually communicate with the campus community and provide updates on developments made for each Focus Area and Key Priority. Accomplishments for both Focus Areas and Key Priorities can be found here. Flight Plan metrics used to measure success include at the undergraduate level: ACT score range, FTE enrollment, bachelor's degrees conferred, retention rates (1st to 2nd year) and six-year graduation rate. At the graduate level and for research, metrics include: doctoral degrees conferred, master's degrees conferred and research expenditures per faculty. When looking at metrics for the financial health of the university, two were used: operating expenditures per student and endowment per student. The Gap Analysis provides information on where Tennessee Tech ranks in these metrics against state and national peers.

As you glance through the links to the left looking at news articles touting our success, as well as Baseline and Two-Year Metrics, please understand this is simply a snapshot of our success to date. Flight Plan is a living blueprint that guides Tennessee Tech’s path forward, and there is always room for continual improvement. Check back here often for updates!