Focus Areas

Flight Plan features four major themes as initial key focus areas. With these focus areas, we can now establish a process to define directions and then turn them into actions.

Each focus area contains several goals that will allow TTU to measure progress with our chosen metrics. For goals within each focus area, use the menu to the left.

Below you'll find each focus area and the Complete College Tennessee Act goals that each area addresses.

Improve Undergraduate Student ExperienceTransform TechnologyCreate Distinctive Programs and Invigorate FacultyResources and Modernize Infrastructure

Flight Plan and Complete College Tennessee Act

  1. Improve Undergraduate Student Experience
    • 5% increase over 5 years in 1st to 2nd year retention
    • 2% increase in 2nd to 3rd year retention
    • 5% increase in 6-year graduation rate
    • Funding formula rewards increase in educated graduates
    • Performance Funding program incentive for increase educational quality
    • Performance Funding program provides check/balance to funding formula
    • Outcomes based
    • Rewards productivity to further goals of public agenda
    • Takes university mission into account by weighting factors
    • Student learning
    • Student retention and graduation
    • Access/graduation for underserved subpopulations
  2. Transform Technology
    • Enhanced technology supports all other efforts
  3. Create Distinctive Programs and Invigorate Faculty
    • Funding formula recognizes research activity that has regional application/relevance
    • Performance Funding program incentive for increased educational quality
    • Public higher education to become increasingly competitive on national/international scene
    • University mission distinctiveness guides approval of new degree programs
    • University mission distinctiveness guides research efforts
  4. Expand Financial Resources and Modernize Infrastructure
    • Non-state funding increasingly necessary to fund new degree programs