Expand Financial Resources and Modernize Infrastructure


  • Identify new revenue streams
  • Grow endowment and private funding levels
  • Develop campus and modernize physical infrastructure

Member Name




Claire Stinson* Vice President for Planning and Finance CStinson@tntech.edu 372-3311
Ken Wiant* Professor, College of Business KWiant@tntech.edu 372-3878
Dale Wilson Professor, Mechanical Engineering DWilson@tntech.edu 372-3323
Jack Butler Associate Vice President JButler@tntech.edu 372-3227
John Smith Director of University Advancement JWSmith@tntech.edu 372-6338
Tiff Rector Associate Vice President for University Development TiffRector@tntech.edu 372-3055
Michael Best Professor, Agriculture MBest@tntech.edu 372-3154
Cynthia Shpik Student

* Co-leaders