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College of Graduate Studies

Background Courses (all programs)

A graduate student must achieve a grade of at least C on each course taken for nondegree purposes, that is, courses taken for background preparation, certification, or personal enrichment. A student will be required to repeat each nondegree course in which a grade of D, U, F, WF, or NF is assigned except that, with approval of the student's advisory committee, repetition of a course will not be required if a student's cumulative grade average on all courses (degree and non-degree) is at least B (3.0).

Probation for Unsatisfactory Performance

A graduate student is required to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least "B" on all graduate courses taken as a graduate student. When a student's cumulative average on courses falls below 3.0, but not less than 2.00, the student will be placed on probation. If the cumulative average falls below 2.00, the student will be dismissed.

If the term average, on all courses presented as part of the hours required for graduation, during any semester is less than 2.00, the student's record will be reviewed and may be placed on probation.

Dismissal for Unsatisfactory Performance:

A graduate student will be dismissed from the graduate program if any one of the following conditions occurs:

1.Two consecutive semesters of probation (summer semester is not included if the student did not take a summer course.
2.Two grades of "F."
3.Two consecutive semesters of "No Progress" grades assigned in thesis or dissertation courses.
4.Some graduate programs may have more strigent dismissal criteria. Students should confer with the department about such criteria.

A student who has been dismissed for unsatisfactory performance may request reinstatement, provided he/she produces evidence of extenuating circumstances that would prevent dismissal. The request must be approved by the department chair, director of the student's graduate program, the dean of the college, and the Graduate School Executive Committee. The decision of the Graduate School Executive Committee is final.

M.B.A. Requirements

MBA students may not repeat a course in which a grade of "C" or better was received. MBA students who are required to take prerequisite business courses must have a 3.0 average at the completion of these courses. This policy applies to all courses used to satisfy the MBA core requirements whether the course is graduate or undergraduate. A grade of "C" in any such course must be offset in another course (of equivalent hours) with a grade of "A"; however, the "C" grade does not carry forward to become a part of the three -hour "C" restriction applicable to the hours required for graduation.