Ed.S. in Counseling and Psychology Admissions Requirements

Counseling and Psychology


An earned master's degree from an accredited institution is required for admission to the Ed.S. program. The student seeking admission should have had previous experience appropriate to the proposed areas of specialization.


  1. A master’s degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Satisfactory graduate grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Enough graduate training in psychology to do advanced graduate work in the chosen concentration.
  4. Three acceptable letters of recommendation for graduate study from faculty members or other persons who have adequate knowledge of the applicant’s professional qualities or potential for success as a graduate student.
  5. A score of 400 (old format) or 146 (new format) on the verbal portion, a 4.0 score on the analytical writing portion, and a preferred score of 400 (old format) or 140 (new format) quantitative portions of the General Record Examination (GRE).  NOTE: the GRE is waived for 2022.

Satisfying minimal standards, however, does not guarantee your admission. Admission decisions are based on departmental review, using a combination of factors, including an interview to evaluate relevant dispositions for professionals in the chosen concentration.

Students may be admitted with provisional status if they do not meet all of the criteria above but do meet the minimum requirements of the graduate school and are approved for provisional status by the departmental admissions committee. Provisional status will limit students to a maximum of nine hours before the departmental admissions committee makes a recommendation for full admission. To advance from provisional to full admission a student must earn a 3.0 GPA on the nine semester hours of graduate study in the concentration and be approved by the departmental admissions committee.

More information on the Miller Analogies Test may be found at

Evidence of English Language Proficiency

All applicants from countries in which the official language is not English are required to submit evidence of proficiency in English equivalent to level 9 in FLS.


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