Thesis/Dissertation Formatting


This page is sometimes referred to as the signature page.  A blank one will always be part of your thesis/dissertation.  However, you will print out this page and obtain actual signatures of approval as part of your defense process.

You must email this page to to get approval on the formatting BEFORE you start getting signatures.  If you get signatures without approval, and it is not formatted correctly, you will have to redo the page and get the signatures again.

  • The approval page cannot be more than one page.
  • The entire page is single spaced including the titles; since your entire document is set for double spacing, just highlight the text on this page and choose single spacing.
  • At the top is the page title.
    • For theses: Approval Certificate of Thesis
    • For dissertations: Approval Certificate of Dissertation
    • Be sure to label this title as a page title heading to format it properly. See Content/Chapters for more information about headings.
  • Leave the next line blank.
  • Type the TITLE OF YOUR THESIS/DISSERTATION, which is centered, bold, and in all caps.  Your title must also form an upside down triangle if it is more than one line. This means the first line is the longest and each consecutive line is shorter than the previous line.
  • Leave the next line blank.
  • Type your name as registered with the university, centered.
  • Leave the next line blank.
  • Type Graduate Advisory Committee: on the next line.
  • Leave the next two lines blank.
  • Create signature lines for your committee.
    • Use the underscore key to make a solid line that is approximately 50 underscores long, and press Enter.  If Microsoft Word automatically inserts a solid line all the way across the page, undo this auto formatting by holding Control and pressing Z in Windows or holding Command and pressing Z on a Mac.
    • On the next line, type your committee chair: Jackie Smith, Chair.  Then tab over until you are near the end of the line above and type Date.
    • Leave the next two lines blank.
    • Copy and paste the underscore line, type the committee member name and date under the line and leave two lines blank until all your committee members are listed.
    • Make sure all the Date words line up vertically.
    • Do not use titles like Dr. or Mr. or Ms.
  • Leave the next two lines blank.
  • Type Approved for the Faculty:
  • Leave the next two lines blank.
  • Create a signature line for the College of Graduate Studies Dean.
    • Copy and paste the underscore line.
    • On the next line, type Mark Stephens, Dean.  Then tab over until you are lined up with the other Dates and type Date.
    • On the next line, type College of Graduate Studies

example of approval page

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