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Thesis/Dissertation Formatting


As per federal law, your thesis/dissertation is copyright protected automatically when you create it.  Please check with your committee chair to verify who should be the copyright owner(s) because this may vary if contracts or grants are involved.  If desired, you can register the copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office as part of the submission process.  Please note that it is copyrighted whether you register it or not, but registration is required before legal action related to infringement can be taken.

On the Copyright page:

  • All text on this page is centered.
  • Press Enter until your cursor is approximately on the center of the page vertically.
  • Insert the copyright symbol by clicking on Insert > Symbol > ©.
  • After the symbol, put the name(s) of who owns the copyright, a space,  and the year of your graduation.

example of copyright page

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