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Thesis/Dissertation Formatting


All graduate students (except those using LaTeX) submitting a thesis or dissertation must follow the guidelines under each link on the left starting with General Formatting.  Students who do not follow these guidelines must work with the Office of Graduate Studies to correct formatting errors before graduating.

LaTeX Students

Some students in math and engineering may be using LaTeX to format their dissertation or thesis.  If you are using LaTeX, please download the manual and required files.  LaTeX will format most of your document for you, but you need to review the Approval and References sections on the left. When you submit your work to Graduate Studies in ProQuest, put a note in the comment box that you used LaTeX.

Getting Help

If you have specific formatting issues, please email Sharon Holderman. We do not offer a formatting review of your entire thesis or dissertation before you submit it in ProQuest. After submission, Graduate Studies will review the entire document and contact you if corrections are needed.

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