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Thesis/Dissertation Formatting


All graduate students submitting a thesis or dissertation must follow the guidelines under each link on the left.  Students who do not follow these guidelines must work with the Office of Graduate Studies to correct formatting errors before graduating.

LaTeX Students

Some students in math and engineering may be using LaTeX to format their dissertation or thesis.  If you are using LaTeX, please obtain an updated template from Andrew Hetzel.  LaTeX will format most of your document for you, but you need to review the Approval and References sections on the left.

Getting Help

In light of the changing environment related to coronavirus, all thesis and dissertation help will start via email:  We will then decide if a phone or Zoom meeting may be more appropriate.


Future workshops will be determined as our university services are reinstated in the wake of COVID-19 changes.  If you need help, please email

The first 15-30 minutes of the workshop will be an overview of formatting and general questions.  The remaining time you can work on formatting your document and get help with individual questions.  Don't forget to bring your own computer or check one out on the main floor of the library if you want to work on your document at the workshop.

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