Thesis/Dissertation Formatting


  • Always start your references on a new page.  Use the page break function to insert a blank page; do not use the Enter key multiple times.
  • Type References on the first line. Be sure to label this title as a page title heading to format it properly; see Content/Chapters for more information about headings.  Master of Arts in English will also use this page title even though that is not MLA standard.
  • Start listing your references on the next line.
  • References use a hanging indent, which means the beginning of a reference starts all the way at the left and additional lines of that same reference are indented 0.5".  See Microsoft Word's instructions to format a hanging indent; do not use the Enter key and space bar.
  • Hyperlinks are NOT allowed in your reference list.  All links are to be removed and all font is to be black.
  • The reference page should not include any bolded words.  
  • Verify that the pages sway for binding purposes.

Follow APA style unless otherwise noted below for specific majors and LaTeX users:

The images below use APA formatting.

example of references page 1 of 2
example of references page 2 of 2

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