Thesis/Dissertation Formatting


  • Always start your references on a new page.  Use the page break function to insert a blank page; do not use the Enter key multiple times.
  • Type References on the first line. Be sure to label this title as a page title heading to format it properly; see Content/Chapters for more information about headings.  Master of Arts in English will also use this page title even though that is not MLA standard.
  • Start listing your references on the next line.
  • References use a hanging indent, which means the beginning of a reference starts all the way at the left and additional lines of that same reference are indented 0.5".  See Microsoft Word's instructions to format a hanging indent; do not use the Enter key and space bar.

Follow the APA guidelines for in-text citations and your references page EXCEPT Master of Arts in English, which uses MLA for citations and Master of Science in Math, which uses the LaTeX template.  Here are some resources to help you:

The image below uses APA formatting.

example of references page 1 of 2 example of references page 2 of 2

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