College of Graduate Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need in order to apply for Graduate Admission?

  • Apply online through Eagle Online
  • $35 ($40 for international students) nonrefundable application fee
  • Official college transcripts from all previous institutions
  • Three letters of recommendation (only one required for MBA)
  • Satisfactory Test Scores

Q:  What does it cost? 

  • Instate residents pay approximately $5,085 per semester for 9 hours
  • Out-of-state students pay approximately $11,619 per semester for 9 hours
  • Additional fee information may be found at the TTU Bursar website

Q: Should I submit a full application for admission or a readmission application?

The full application for admission should be used for initial entry and for a new degree program. The readmission application should be used only for readmission into the same degree program and major.

Q:  I selected "pay later" when submitting my application for admission.  I am now ready to pay, how do I pay?

You may pay your one-time graduate application fee at:

Q: What is the address if I want to express mail/courier my application materials?

 College of Graduate Studies
Tennessee Tech University
1 William L. Jones Drive, Room 306
Cookeville, TN 38505

Q: I have not yet taken the admissions test. May I still be admitted?

For those applying for the MA or Ed.S. programs within the College of Education--this is a possibility based on your undergraduate GPA. However you would still be required to successfully complete the required exam during the first semester of enrollment.

For those applying to the other graduate programs--this option is not available.

Q: I have not taken the admissions test yet but I have been admitted in provisional standing. Are there any restrictions?

If you are admitted in provisional standing pending test scores, you must take the test during your first semester of enrollment. In addition, you will be limited to a maximum of nine credit hours during that first semester.

Q: I have taken the IELTS instead of the TOEFL exam. Will this be okay?

The Graduate School will accept the IELTS as a replacement for the TOEFL exam, as well as the PTE Academic and the FLS International Language School Level 9.

Q: I have taken my admissions test but did not make the required score. May I continue another semester?

You must successfully complete the test during your first semester. You will not be permitted to register a second term until that requirement has been met.

Q: How do I obtain information regarding the admissions tests?

The MAT is given on-campus at the College of Education Testing Center, to find out more and to register, visit their website Testing Center  or visit the website for other testing sites. Students needing to take the GRE, GMAT, IELTS, or TOEFL may go to  the respective test information website to register for a convenient test location.

Q: How many letters of recommendation are required?

All majors require 3, except the M.B.A., which only requires 1. The MSN requires an academic letter of recommendation from a previous nursing faculty, a supervisor's letter of recommendation, as well as a professional letter of recommendation.

Q: What is considered a full-time load for a graduate student?

9 hours = Full-time Fall and Spring Semester
6 hours = Full-time Summer Semester

NOTE:  Graduate Assistants are considered full-time with 6 hours in fall and spring semesters and 1 hour in the summer semester.

Q: What is considered a maximum load for a graduate student?

16 hours = Any Semester

Q: How can I be reclassified as an in-state student?

You need to provide adequate information to warrant a review of residency status. Usually this is in the form of a letter from your employer indicating that you are working full-time (30 hours per week or more) in Tennessee. If approved, the student may register for up to 7 hours per term at in-state rates while establishing permanent residency.

Q: I live outside of Tennessee. Can I be classified as an in-state student?

If you live in any of the following six Kentucky counties, you will be able to attend Tennessee Tech as an in-state student: Clinton, Cumberland, McCreary, Monroe, Wayne, Whitley.

Q: What is the time limit allowed to complete a graduate degree?

Master's and Ed.S. students must complete all degree requirements within a period of six consecutive years. Doctoral programs must be completed within a period of eight consecutive years.

Q: My six years have expired. What do I do?

Contact your academic advisor.

Q: If I don't have a master's degree, can I apply for an Ed.S. Degree?


Q: Aren't there some exceptions where I can go from bachelors to Ph.D. or Ed.S.?

You can never go to Ed.S. without a master's. The Ph.D. programs do not require a master's as a prerequisite.

Q: What is a PC-191?

A fee waiver for faculty or staff.

Q: If I have a PC-191, do I have to pay the application fee?

If you have previously attended TTU as a graduate student, you would not have to pay it. However, if you haven't been a TTU graduate student, then the fee is required.

Q: I was an undergraduate at TTU; do I still have to pay the application fee?

Yes. This fee must be paid at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Q: When I graduate, does the graduate office send something to my school or the state?

The student must request a transcript be sent. You do that through Records Office.

Q:Transfer GPA Policy as related to Graduate Students

Tennessee Tech may accept transfer credit from other accredited institutions.  The program that you are applying to will determine the graduate level courses that they are willing to transfer into your program of study.  It is important to note that the grades earned in those courses are not used in the calculation of a student’s overall cumulative GPA.  Only courses with a B or better will be considered as acceptable potential transfer credit.

Your transcript will display 8 specific GPA calculations; however, for most purposes you will be interested in only 2 of those:(1) Overall GPA and (2) Inclusive Combined GPA.The Overall GPA will not include the grades earned in transfer courses but the Inclusive Combined GPA include the grades earned in transfer courses.

Note: Grades in transfer courses will show on your Tennessee Tech transcript with a leading T. For example a grade of A will transfer to Tennessee Tech as a TA, a grade of B as a TB, a grade of C as a TC, etc.

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