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Graduate Assistantships

Below is a list of informational documents to help guide you through the Graduate Assistantship hiring process. The Graduate Assistantship policy can be found in the Graduate Catalog and on Policy Central.

Graduate Assistantship : STUDENT Information

Graduate Assistantships are only available to students who have been admitted into a Tennessee Tech University graduate degree program.

A limited number of Graduate Assistantships are available throughout the University. Graduate Assistantships provide tuition remission at an in-state status, a percentage of your fees, and a modest monthly stipend. Graduate Assistants are responsible for all fees not covered by the assistantship. All fees must be paid by the fee payment deadlines posted by the TTU Bursar Office each semester.

Persons interested in applying for a Graduate Assistantship should submit their Graduate Assistantship application to the individual college/department they are interested in working with. Direct contact with each college/department is encouraged as additional application materials and references may be required and some departments may also have specific deadlines for assistantship applications as stated above.

Graduate Assistantship Application Graduate Assistant Application
Departments Offering Assistantship Departments Offering Assistantships
Stipend Amount by College/Department Graduate Assistantship Stipends
Graduate Assistantship Information

Graduate Assistantship Information for Students

GRADUATE Assistantship: hiring college/DEPARTMENT INFORMATION

When offering an assistantship it is important that the student understands it is only an offer and that the College of Graduate Studies (COGS) is the final approval authority. An assistantship is not valid until the College of Graduate Studies has approved it. Departments are encouraged to develop supplemental procedures for administration of those assistantships allocated to them. Areas which may be addressed in these procedures include, but are not limited to:

- Establishing deadlines for submission of applications.

- Establishing the date for offer notification.

- Criteria for assessment of applications.

- Graduate Assistant job responsibilities.

Graduate Assistantship Information Graduate Assistantship Information
Graduate Assistant Appointment Guidelines Department Guidelines for Appointment of GA
Steps for Hiring a Graduate Assistant Steps for Hiring a Graduate Assistant
Graduate Assistantship F&A Graduate Assistantship F&A
Graduate Assistant Paperwork Flowchart Processing GA Paperwork Flow Chart
Fall Details for GA Appointment FALL Details for Appointments
Spring Details for GA Appointment SPRING Details for Appointments
Summer Details for GA Appointment SUMMER Details for Appointments

GRADUATE Assistantship: Sample OFFER LETTERs

Creation of a Formal Offer Letter: Students should receive written notice from the hiring department of their selection as a Graduate Assistant. The letter should include: the type of appointment (Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Teaching Associate, or Support Assistant), the length of the appointment showing the start date and end date of employment, hours to work each week (20 for Full time GAs and 10 for Part time GAs), the stipend amount to be paid, the minimum (6hrs) and maximum (12hrs) student course load, description of duties, name of supervisor, evaluation procedures, list any pre-service and in-service training needed, and note a deadline for acceptance.

*All Graduate Assistantship offer letters for international students must be sent to the International Student Affairs Office (Andrew Bleignier) when issuing the offer to the student and then again upon acceptance, for the completion of the I-20.

Below is a sample offer letter for each type of assistantship for the college/department to use as a guide.

Graduate Research Assistant Graduate Research Assistant
Graduate Support Assistant Graduate Support Assistant
Graduate Teaching Assistant Graduate Teaching Assistant
Graduate Teaching Associate Graduate Teaching Associate

research Graduate assistant: intellectual property policy

Graduate Research Assistants need to have a complete understanding of Tennessee Tech University's Intellectual Property policies and how it may impact them. Advise all Research Assistants to visit the TTU Intellectual Property website and the TBR Intellectual Property website.


PAF Personnel Action Form

PAF Sample FormPersonnel Action Sample Form
(do not submit to HR) Research Assistant Time Report Graduate Research Assistant Time Sheet
(submit to HR by 10th of each month) Support Assistant Time Report Graduate Support Assistant Time Sheet
(do not submit to HR) Teaching Assistant Time Report Graduate Teaching Assistant Time Sheet
(do not submit to HR) Teaching Associate Time Report Graduate Teaching Associate Time Sheet

Graduate Assistant Teaching Associate Academic Preparation Certification Form *Only used when hiring a Teaching Associate


Evaluation is a very important part of the Graduate Assistantship experience. The evaluation should be an ongoing process of communication between the Graduate Assistant and the supervisor. A formal evaluation should be performed each semester and the results maintained in the departments Graduate Assistant file.

Graduate Support/Research Assistant Evaluation GA Support and Research Evaluation
Graduate Teaching Evaluation GA Teaching Evaluation