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Graduate Assistantship

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Graduate Assistantships are only available to students who have been admitted with full standing into a Tennessee Tech graduate degree program.

A limited number of Graduate Assistantships are available throughout the University. Graduate Assistantships provide tuition remission at an in-state rate, covers the costs of the majority of your fees, and provides a modest monthly stipend. Graduate Assistants are responsible for all fees not covered by the assistantship.

Persons interested in applying for a Graduate Assistantship should submit their Graduate Assistantship application to the individual college or department they are interested in working with. Direct contact with each college or department is encouraged as additional application materials and references may be required and some departments may also have specific deadlines for assistantship applications.

Below are the instructions to apply for a Graduate Assistantship. The criteria listed are required for all assistantships; however, each department may require more information (e.g. letters of recommendation, personal statement, etc.). You must contact the department offering the GA position regarding additional material they may require.

Graduate Assistantship Application Graduate Assistantship Application

Steps for Applying

1. Complete the Graduate Assistantship Application.  (See link above.)

2. Save the application to your computer and email it as an attachment to the appropriate contact person. 

3. Along with the application, include your resume and any other additional information you feel may be helpful to the contact person.

4. Wait for a response from the contact person regarding additional information or documentation that may require be required (e.g. letters of recommendation, personal statement, etc.).

5. If you have not heard anything within one week, follow up with the department.

6.  You may also mail your Graduate Assistantship Application and Resume to the College of Graduate Studies.

Additional Information

There is no limit to the number of graduate assistant positions you may apply for.

In order to begin your assistantship, you must be fully admitted into your graduate degree program and be enrolled as a full-time graduate student.

In order to remain eligible for an assistantship, you must maintain a minimum cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 each semester.



UPDATED 10/27/22:  The Office of Research and Economic Development is currently seeking one graduate assistant to support basic research including creating surveys and running basic statistical analysis. Experience with EXCEL, Qualtrics and SPSS is desired but not necessary. The willingness to learn and be 'trainable' is important for the candidate.  To apply simply email or drop your GA application off with Michael Aikens,, Derryberry room 304 or call 931-372-3810.

October 27, 2022:  For Spring 2023, Information Technology Services is hiring Student Technology Assistants, a Student Research Computing & Data Facilitator, and Graduate Assistants pursuing an MBA. All positions are paid and will start no later than January 2023. Full job descriptions and position requirements are available in each job description. Spots will go fast, so apply and interview soon!

Students can find more info on our employer page and apply using HandShake here:

Tax Implications

Tuition benefits offered to graduate assistants are generally excluded from taxable income under section 117(d) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). However, section 117(d) only excludes from taxable income tuition benefits for graduate students who are engaged in teaching activities or research activities at the University. Graduate assistants not engaged in such teaching or research activities at the University (support assistants), who receive tuition benefits that exceed $5,250 in a calendar year cannot be excluded from taxable income section 117(d). This amount will be added to the taxable income on your your last paycheck in each semester.  This means that you will have taxes deducted in April, July, and December if you work three semesters during the year.  This will increase your tax liability and possibly your federal income deduction. This amount does not increase your net pay. You may want to adjust your W-4 withholding allowance accordingly to minimize the negative financial impact this could have on your end of semester paychecks.

Training for Graduate Assistants

Training for Graduate Assistants will be assigned by the department.  Training may include courses available through the Eagle Online EverFi Educational Platform.  For information see your department administrative assistant.

Graduate Assistants should familiarize themselves with all FERPA requirements.

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