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Dear Graduate School Faculty Member:

We are pleased that you have chosen to utilize the TurnItIn software as part of your teaching activities. This resource has been made available to the graduate school faculty and offers you an excellent mechanism for educating students about the nature of academic integrity, as well as the mechanics of proper citation of sources.

Before you begin using TurnItIn, we strongly recommend that you go through a brief set of self-study training materials that we have assembled for you. Also, please familiarize yourself with the current policies regarding academic integrity that are listed in the student and faculty handbooks.

If you have any questions regarding TurnItIn, please contact Mark Lynam 931-372-3673 or

Self-Study Checklist

  • Read the Faculty Advisory Statement provided below and approved by the TBR Office of Legal Counsel regarding TurnItIn use by you and your students. You should also include this statement in your student syllabus if appropriate.

Faculty Advisory Statement
The faculty and staff at TTU are committed to the lifelong learning of students and thus providing an environment for learning that fosters the highest academic conduct. To this end, TTU and its faculty reserve the right to use electronic means to detect and help prevent the inappropriate use of intellectual property. Student agrees and understands that by taking this course, his or her work may be subject to originality check through Turnitin, and student thereby grants any necessary copyright permission required to do so. Personally identifiable information (such as student name, social security number, student i.d. number, etc.) should NOT be included in the work submitted to Turnitin. This work will be encoded and stored in the Turnitin database where it will also be used for originality checks on other works submitted by the student or anyone else using the system. The faculty may require that the students submit their work through Turnitin or questionable text may be submitted by the faculty for the student. The terms that apply to TTU's use of the Turnitin service are described on the website.

Faculty must inform students of links to on-line educational resources that provide information for understanding plagiarism and proper ways to cite the work of others. Two such resources are available at: [2]

Students must be instructed by faculty to complete the on-line test available at and provide documentation that they “understand plagiarism and know how to avoid it” as stated on this website by providing a copy of the completed test certificate to the faculty member. [2]

[1] Adapted from University of Memphis guidelines.
[2] Permission to use the links to the University of Indiana Bloomington website for non-profit educational purposes was received on 02/14/07.