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NOTE: Information on the Library web site may be more current than the following information.

Faculty are not charged fees for overdue library materials. Faculty are charged for lost or damaged library materials and for lost or damaged equipment checked out on their University I.D.'s.

Books: The charges for a book from the general book collection or the reference book collection are:

  1. The average price of all North American academic books as reported in The Bowker Annual.
  2. An $11 processing fee per item.

Periodicals: The charges for a bound volume or an unbound issue are:

  1. The replacement cost of a bound volume or of an issue. (These are often very expensive.) If the replacement cost is not available, the average cost of a bound volume or of an issue in the discipline represented by the lost item is used.
  2. An $11 processing fee per item.
  3. The cost of binding loose issues charged by Library's binder. The binding fee for fiscal 2009 is $8.25. The fee changes when the binding contract changes.

Government Publications and Maps: The charges for a government publication or a map are:

  1. The replacement cost of the item.
  2. An $11 processing fee per item.

Audiovisual Media: The charges for a piece of audiovisual media are:

The price the Library is charged is for the replacement. If a replacement price for a specific item is not available, the current average price for the type of media is charged.  A $24 processing fee per item is charged for all types of audiovisual media.

Damaged Materials: The charges for damaged material depend upon the degree of damage:

  1. For damaged material repairable by the Library, there is no charge.
  2. For damaged material that must be rebound by the bindery, the fee the Library pays the bindery for rebinding the item and a processing fee of $5.00 per item is assessed. The rebinding fee for fiscal 2009 is $8.25. The fee changes when the binding contract changes.
  3. For material damaged beyond repair, the charges are the same as for lost materials.

Equipment: The charge for lost or damaged equipment is the replacement or the repair cost. There is no charge for repairs made by the Library.

[Source: Interim Director of the Library, February 17, 2009.]

Policy on Faculty Checkout and Overdue Library Materials and Equipment

Faculty and Emeritus Faculty Checkout: Faculty and Emeritus Faculty must have a TTU I.D. card validated for the academic year which ends on June 30.

Books From General Book Collection: Books are due each year on May 1. There is a 15 day grace period after the due date.

Renewal: Faculty may renew their books any time between April 25 and May 15.

Other Library Materials and Equipment: Audiovisual materials are checkout for 7 days and may be renewed one time.  Circulation of equipment varies by type of equipment and user needs.

Federal Government Publications: Publications, including maps, may be checked out for a 2-week period. Some items do not circulate, but may be used in the Library.

Renewals of federal government publications are not permitted. An overdue notice is sent as a courtesy reminder just before the due date and followed by a second notice if the overdue item is not returned. Two weeks after the second notice, a bill is sent.

Proxy Transactions: Faculty may have a student assistant or support staff person transact library business for them. The person designated as a proxy MUST present the faculty member's I.D. card and his or her individual I.D. card.

Reaction to Non-Renewal: A courtesy notice will be sent to faculty of overdue materials after May 1. After May 15, it is assumed that the materials not renewed or returned are "lost" for library purposes. A notice of monies owed (the replacement costs of the borrowed item or the current average cost of the item when replacements are not available or warranted, plus a processing fee for each item) will be sent to the individual faculty member and to the Business Office. The faculty member may elect to pay the debt in full or authorize deductions from his paycheck or from the check for accrued but unused annual leave if the employee is terminating.  The faculty member may contest the intent to withhold through an institutional or TUAPA hearing (consistent with TBR policies).

Recall: Faculty are subject to the procedure for material being recalled for the use by another individual. That means that the material can be recalled two weeks after checkout.

[Source: Interim Director of the Library, February 17, 2009.]