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I. General Statement

Faculty exchange assignments with higher educational institutions, other appropriate educational institutions, business and industry, and private or governmental agencies provide opportunities for faculty to acquire new information and skills, to bring to their home institutions a general awareness of different environments which are relevant to their teaching areas, and to expand experiences with the objective of improving their professional expertise.

II. Faculty Exchange and Personnel Status

A full-time faculty member who applies for an "Exchange," which is subsequently approved by the President, must remain on the payroll of the home institution and retain a condition of employment which continues all benefits for which he or she has qualified as a full-time faculty member. Time spent on the "Exchange" constitutes an equivalent teaching load activity which, under the "General Personnel Policy" (5:01:00:00) [included in this Handbook] "shall be subject to prior review and approval by the President or his or her designee."

III. Criteria for Exchange Status

A. The home institution is responsible for the salary and benefits of the full-time faculty member assigned to an "Exchange." The host institution is responsible for salary and benefits of the employee being provided in exchange.

The workload assignment for the full-time faculty member assigned to an "Exchange" shall be determined by the host institution. Likewise, the home institution shall determine the workload assignment of the employee being provided in exchange.

B. No exchange assignment shall be formally initiated with a host institution unless requested by the faculty member and approved by the President.

C. No exchange assignment shall be approved by the President unless it meets the following provisions:

  1. Serves as an integral component of the faculty development plan, and
  2. Supports the "General Statement" included as paragraph 1 above.

IV. Procedures for Faculty Exchange

The faculty member is encouraged to discuss plans for exchange with the TTU Faculty Exchange Coordinator to understand all of the decisions and procedures that must be completed to affect an exchange. While approval for participation will come only from the President, several steps are necessary prior to approval, as follows:

A. A faculty member interested in an exchange should informally discuss plans with the Chairperson and Dean.

B. The faculty member should prepare a one-page statement of purpose outlining the proposed activities to be pursued while on exchange and obtain a TTU Faculty Exchange Application form from the Faculty Exchange Coordinator.

C. The application form, along with the statement of purpose, a current vita, and he names of three references, should be sent to the Faculty Exchange Coordinator after the faculty member's Chairperson and Dean have endorsed the proposed exchange and listed the requirements for an acceptable exchange on the application form. (The deadline for submission of the materials to the Faculty Exchange Coordinator is October 5.)

D. The Faculty Exchange Coordinator will forward the application form to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will review the application and return the form to the faculty member indicating the terms that must be met for the exchange.

E. The faculty member should explore exchange opportunities by making personal contact with potential host sites or by using electronic databases on the Internet to identify faculty at host sites that would be willing to exchange positions for a semester or an academic year. The Faculty Exchange Coordinator will provide assistance in using the "ARNOLD" Internet database and in identifying characteristics of Potential replacements (in consultation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs).

F. When an exchange site has been found, the faculty member should provide the Faculty Exchange Coordinator with a letter from the administrator outlining the institution's willingness to host the faculty member. The faculty member should arrange for submission to the Faculty Exchange Coordinator of application materials for any intended replacement faculty member. The application materials from the replacement faculty member should include a letter outlining the purpose and intended activities while on exchange, a current vita, and the names of three references.

G. The Faculty Exchange Coordinator will contact the host program administrator and verify the willingness of that institution to provide office space and access to facilities for scholarly pursuits. The Faculty Exchange Coordinator will also distribute copies of the application materials of any proposed visiting scholars to appropriate departments for their approval.

H. The Faculty Exchange Coordinator will initiate the preparation of a host memorandum of agreement and, if applicable, a home memorandum of agreement.

[Source: Academic Council.]