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NOTE: Information on the above web site may be more current than the following information.

Insurance, General Information

Tennessee Technological University provides the opportunity for employees who work at least 80% of full time to acquire various types of medical and life insurance:

State of Tennessee Group Health Insurance Program with three options

  • Preferred Provider Organization Option
  • Health Maintenance Organization Option
  • Point-of-Service Option

Optional Life Insurance Program with three options

  • Universal Life Plan
  • Term Life Insurance Plan
  • Dependent Term Life Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance

Dental Insurance

Vision Care Plan

For information on any type of insurance, contact the Office of Human Resources at (372) 3034.

Flexible Benefits Plan

The State of Tennessee Flexible Benefits Plan has been established for eligible State employees. Authorized under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, this legal program allows you to pay certain specific expenses from your pre-tax rather than your after-tax income. Expenses that can be paid through the Flexible Benefits Plan include: dental insurance premiums, medical expenses and dependent day care expenses. Call the Office of Human Resources at (372) 3034 to obtain information about this program.

Please note that your single or family medical insurance premium is automatically converted for payment through this program, unless you choose not to participate in the Flexible Benefits Plan and sign the waiver of enrollment form.

Employee Assistance Program

Effective April 1, 1990, the Employee Assistance Program was added as a benefit for employees in the State of Tennessee. Essentially, this Program is designed to provide assistance to employees relating to professional, personal, or family concerns. The services of this program are available to any person in the family qualified to be covered under insurance provided by Tennessee Technological University even if they are not listed in the University insurance. Contact the Office of Human Resources for further information at (372)3034.

[Source: Office of Human Resources]