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IV. Criteria

B. An institution may not pay the membership dues or subscription of an individual. An exception may be granted in rare instances where an organization does not permit institutional-membership or where an individual membership (in the name of an institutional representative) is less expensive than an institutional membership. However, memberships necessary to maintain or enhance an employee's professional status (e.g. American Institute of Certified Professional Accountants or Bar membership dues) should be considered the responsibility of the employee and the association dues considered a personal expense.

D. Where membership dues are included as part or all of the expense of an organization meeting for which the institution pays the expense of an employee to attend, the appropriate expenses shall be considered membership dues under these guidelines and should be subject to the established membership approval process.

E. Faculty and staff membership in civic organizations is encouraged; however, state funds may not be used to pay for memberships.

[The remainder of the Guideline, which does not apply specifically to faculty, is omitted.}

[TBR Presidents Meeting May 25, 1982. Source: Tennessee Board of Regents Guidelines, Guideline G-080; August, 2003.]