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American Association of University Professors--TTU Chapter

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The American Association of University Professors actively defends academic freedom and tenure in higher education. AAUP promotes faculty rights and responsibilities in a variety of ways across the nation. The Tennessee Conference of AAUP works to improve the lot of faculty here and at the other public and private institutions in the state. It retains the services of a lobbyist to present and promote the interests of higher education in the state legislature. The Tennessee Tech Chapter of AAUP is a vital and active presence, being the driving force behind the implementation of faculty evaluation of chairpersons, the creation of a Faculty Senate, the conducting of a faculty morale survey, and the creation of a faculty handbook. Other accomplishments include the acceptance of a plan drawn up by the local chapter allowing greater faculty participation at all stages of the hiring process for academic positions and the adoption of a policy outlining procedures to be followed in the event a state of financial exigency is declared. Members of the local chapter have recently participated in a study of faculty salaries and in an examination of tenure and promotion policies. Both the Tennessee Conference of AAUP and the local chapter put out newsletters to keep members informed. AAUP is open to all faculty members as well as to administrators and graduate students. It particularly welcomes new members.

Tennessee Education Association--TTU Unit

The Tennessee Education Association is a professional organization comprised of over 37,000 state educators, united at the national level with 1.8 million National Education Association members. A local TEA/NEA Unit is organized at Tennessee Tech and membership, by vote of the members in l975, is a unified (local, state, and national) one. Dues are based on a percentage of the state pay scale for beginning K-l2 teachers and are payable yearly through the local TTU Unit.

TEA has a long history of commitment to an improved public education for students and an improved profession for faculty. University concerns are coordinated through TEA's Department of Higher Education as well as by an elected representative on the TEA Board of Directors.

TEA has been instrumental in achieving for faculty: improved salary and insurance, upgraded retirement plan, longevity pay, enhanced sick leave program, and protection of academic freedom. Other benefits of membership are: professional liability insurance, legal assistance and protection, economical special service programs, and legislative power through lobbying.

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