Tenure-Track Schedule

Notice to
submit dossier
Peer review
Notice of
Termination if not
renewed or tenured
1st year Dec 1 Jan 15 Feb 1 Mar 1 End of 1st year
2nd year
Jan 15 Feb 15 Mar 1 End of 2nd academic year End of 3rd year
3rd year Jan 15 Feb 15 Mar 1 End of 3rd academic year End of 4th year
4th year Jan 15 Feb 15 Mar 1 End of 4th academic year End of 5th year
5th year* Jan 15 Feb 15 Mar 1 End of 5th academic year End of 6th year
6th year* Sept 1 Oct 15 Nov 21 End of 6th academic year End of 7th year

For a full description of prior service credit see Policy 205 - Faculty Tenure.

*The faculty member may apply for tenure at the beginning of the fifth year after completing a probationary period of not less than four years. They may also defer to the beginning of the sixth year (See Policy 205 – Faculty Tenure for exceptions.)  A faculty member may apply for tenure only once regardless of whether it is the 5th year or the 6th year. If the ultimate result of the tenure application is negative, there is no second chance. 

Reporting deadlines for the tenure year include:

  • Tenure Committee decision to Chair: November 21
  • Chair decision to Dean: January 10
  • Dean decision to Academic Affairs: February 15
  • Academic Affairs decision to President: March 15
  • President decision to the Board