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NOTE: Information on the Bookstore web site may be more current than the following information.

  1. Establishment of three categories of book adoptions: (1) Textbook, (2) Supplementary Readings, and (3) Optional Readings. Categories 1 and 2 shall be interpreted as "required reading," and Category 3 shall be interpreted as "optional reading." Each departmental faculty shall devise a policy by which it intends to be governed when adopting titles in each of these categories, and this policy shall be placed on file in the office of the appropriate academic dean. When devising these policies, the faculty should take into consideration sequential courses, levels of courses, whom the courses serve (i.e., majors or non-majors), and the schedule frequency of courses.
  2. Establishment of a master file by the Bookstore so that every course approved for offering is listed with the approved title(s). This file should include the date of first adoption for each title. Initially this file would basically be a compilation of recent semester listing from the departments, modified by any identified changes. This file should be computerized and should contain whatever other details are necessary or desirable for the proper management of the system by Bookstore personnel.
  3. The Bookstore will present each department with an updated copy of this master file at a time sufficiently in advance of the book ordering time for a given semester. At this time, copies of a Book or Course Change Form should also be submitted by the faculty member and he/she should, via the departmental chairperson, complete one of these forms for each title change he/she wishes to make in each category or to report changes associated with a course which might significantly alter enrollment. These latter changes would include changing a course from elective to required status in a major and to indicate that a course is being taught as a trailer section when this is unusual. This change form should then be followed by a listing of the new title in a subsequent semester book report.
  4. Once a textbook (Category 1) is adopted, it must be used for a period of two years, with provisions for exceptions as noted in Section 6. Proposed textbook (Category 1) changes in courses scheduled annually should be reported as soon as possible, but must be reported to the Bookstore at the beginning of the last semester of usage in the regular academic year. All other changes should be reported sufficiently in advance of book ordering time.
  5. The Bookstore will cooperate with individual faculty members by providing them with publisher's recommended desk copy request forms so that they may expedite their request for desk copies through the publishers. If a desk copy is not received at the time it is needed, the Bookstore will sell the title to the faculty member. The Bookstore will then refund full payment of such title if the desk copy received is returned in good condition to the Bookstore in time to be sold to a student or returned to the publisher for credit.
  6. If it is necessary to change the textbook (Category 1) for a course prior to the required period of use as set forth in (4) above, the faculty member must document this need to his/her department chairperson who in turn reports this need to the Dean of the College or School. If the Dean approves the change, this information is forwarded to the Bookstore. Disapproval by the Dean will continue the use of the most recently adopted textbook (Category 1) unless the Dean's judgment is reversed, through an appeal by the faculty member and the department chairperson, by the University Administration.
  7. The Bookstore should be provided with copies of the minutes of the Curriculum, Teacher Education, and Graduate Executive Committees so that curriculum changes are made known to Bookstore personnel before the catalog in which the change appears is available.

[Source: University Faculty Meeting on April 22, 1975.]

Procedure to be Followed by Faculty in Changing Textbooks for their Courses

  1. The faculty member(s) initiating the textbook change request, should complete a Book or Course Change Form and submit it to the department chairperson prior to the semester of last usage.
  2. The department chairperson will forward the recommendation, in triplicate, for a change of text, with his/her approval, to the Dean of the College (summer session is excluded) except when the text has been in use at least two years. The department chairperson will then forward the recommendation to the Textbook Manager.
  3. The Dean of the College is responsible for approving all changes which occur prior to the two-year adoption policy. The Dean then will forward the recommendation to the Textbook Manager, with his/her approval, prior to the semester of last usage.