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The purpose of these procedures is to provide a basis for uniform procedures to be used by institutions and area vocational-technical schools governed by the State Board of Regents, for the hearing of cases which may be subject to the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, Title 4, Chapter 5, Tennessee Code Annotated (hereinafter referred to as Act).

These procedures may be applicable in cases involving: (1) suspension of employees for cause, or termination of employees when the termination is in violation of the employee's contract, e.g., termination prior to the expiration of the contract term . . . These procedures are not applicable to termination of faculty for adequate cause which are subject to the provisions of Chapter 839 of the Public Acts of 1976. Prior to the initiation of any hearing pursuant to these procedures, the institution or school shall contact the Office of General Counsel for advice on the applicability of these procedures, and for possible assistance in the hearing of the case.

[for the remainder of the policy, see Tennessee Board of Regents Policy Manual 1:06:00:05