Academic Regulations

THE UNIVERSITY CATALOG is the official guide for students, faculty and staff at Tennessee Technological University. It contains admission requirements, registration procedures, academic regulations, descriptions of the major programs of study, student services and activities, a directory of the faculty and administrators, etc. Students are responsible for acquainting themselves with the information, and they should follow it carefully throughout their college career.

The Undergraduate Catalog is available online at http://catalog.tntech.edu/index.php. If you have any questions relating to academic regulations and procedures, please refer to the University Catalog.


The Eagle Card. Every student receives the first Eagle Card (official TTU ID) free of charge. Replacements are available for a $10 fee.

Eagle Cards are used to access Residential Life halls and the Fitness Center. Cards are encoded with meal plans and flex dollars (if purchased). Money may be deposited to use as a debit system in the following areas: University Bookstore, MarketPlace (Cafeteria), Starbucks, Swoops (Grill), Outtakes (McCord Hall), Cafe at The Perch (New Hall North), Crav-ns (The Perch in New Hall North), Which Wich, Au Bon Pain (Volpe Library), Business Office, Health Services (Infirmary), and the Post Office.

The Eagle Card is also used for admission to many student activities, athletic events, etc. Students must present this card upon request from any college official or be subject to disciplinary action.

Eagle Card Policy 311

2. Academic Advisement takes place prior to registration. Each student is assigned an academic advisor who will assist in planning the program of study. The semester Schedule of Classes, available in the Office of Registrar in Derryberry Hall, Room 128, provides detailed instructions for registration. It’s helpful to have prepared a trial schedule prior to the appointment with the academic advisor. Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs are available online at https://www.tntech.edu/academics/catalogs
3. Class Attendance Class Attendance Policy 266

Retention Table Retention Policy 263

Readmission After (Academic Suspension) Readmission After (Academic) Suspension Policy 251

Learning Support Learning Support


Course Syllabi Course Syllabus Information

6. Academic Misconduct Academic Misconduct Policy 217
7. Grade Appeal Procedures Grade Appeal Procedures Policy 218

Withdrawal Withdrawal Procedure Policy 312

9. Grading and Examination Policy Grading and Examination Policy 264