Administrative Regulations

  1. The Identification Card - Eagle Card
  2. Official Notice - A notice to report to any administrative office of the institution takes precedence over all other University activities and must be answered immediately. Failure to respond to such notice will require satisfactory explanation before the student is allowed to continue in residence.
  3. Financial Responsibility - Students are expected to make satisfactory settlement of any indebtedness incurred during their enrollment in the institution. No student may enroll or receive a diploma, transcript of his/her records, or grade report until all matured debts or obligations to the University, or any phase of its program, have been cleared. Account balance inquiry is available through the Eagle Line voice response system, on WEB for students, or by contacting the Business Office. Fee payment using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or ECheck (web only) is also available via Eagle Line and Eagle OnLine.
  4. Lost and Found Articles - Any articles which are found should be turned in to the Information Center on the first floor of the Roaden University Center immediately. Lost articles may be claimed at the Information Center by submitting proper identification.
  5. Motor Vehicles - Refer to University Police website
  6. Penalties - Parking and Traffic
  7. Appeals - Appeal Forms
  8. Post Office Box - Mail Services
  9. Directory Information Restrictions. When you make an official request to the Records Office restricting the publishing or release of your directory information (see Directory Information under “Privacy Rights of Students”), that restriction applies to the release of your information to other sources, too. For example, your information will not be released to hometown newspapers or other media for awards/honors press releases, including Dean's and Graduation lists, without prior written permission.
  10. Distant Learning Degrees - Distant Learning
  11. Prohibition on Use of Tobacco and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems - Policy 171