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Personal checks may be cashed in the University Bookstore with a valid TTU ID card. The maximum amount is $50 or $50 over the purchase of merchandise. Under extenuating circumstances the manager may authorize personal checks in greater amounts. Between semesters, checks will be cashed at the bookstore for students who are required to be on campus or are Tech Village residents. When the bookstore is closed, checks will be cashed in the Business Office. Receipt of one or more bad checks from any person may result in that person becoming ineligible to make payments by check. Furthermore, check cashing privileges will be suspended if you have a returned check/checks. Privileges may be reinstated as outlined below: First Offense — Privileges may be reinstated upon repayment of monies. Second Offense — Monies must be repaid and privileges may not be reinstated until the beginning of the next fiscal year. Persons needing to cash checks on a regular basis or cash checks in excess of $50.00 should establish a local bank account. An automated bank teller accepting various bank cards is located on the ground floor of the Roaden University Center. Some local merchants and businesses will cash personal checks with the proper identification.