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University Procedure for Establishing Policy Affecting Student Life. All policies and procedures affecting student life, are first considered by the University Student Affairs Committee, with subsequent review and action by the Administrative Council. Certain matters which may have a major impact on the University and are so designated by the President may then be referred to the University Assembly. Proposed policy changes are usually initiated either by the department or unit concerned with the administration of the policy or by student groups affected by the policy, such as the Student Government Association, the Residence Hall Association, fraternities, etc. The proposed change is submitted to the Student Affairs Committee chairperson. The chairperson refers the proposal to an appropriate Student Affairs Sub-Committee. This sub-committee conducts an in depth review of the proposal, using whatever resources are needed (faculty, staff, students) to reach a decision in order to make a recommendation to the full committee. The proposal is then considered by the Student Affairs Committee and, if approved, is forwarded to the Administrative Council. Not only are there governing bodies such as the Student Government Association, the Residence Hall Association, Interfraternity Council, etc., which serve as vehicles for students to voice their opinions, students also are heavily involved in the decision-making processes and have opportunities to present their views through the University’s committee system. Most standing committees of the University, including the Administrative and Academic Councils and the University Assembly include student representation (recommended by the Student Government Association President). The Student Affairs Committee has a minimum of 23 members, which includes eight student representatives. Students also may express their views through university administration, which has an “open-door” policy. The President’s Luncheon Forum is held one Monday -- typically the first Monday -- of each month of the regular semester from 11:30 a. m. until 1:00 p. m., in the OVC Room of the Roaden University Center. Students, administrators, faculty, and staff attend, and students are encouraged to voice their opinions and ask questions concerning current issues or policies of the University.