Regulation: Awards

An award is defined as university sanctioned recognition of a student. The types of awards are:

  1. Academic: Academic excellence as evidence by superior grades and/or test results. Other factors may be secondary.
  2. Athletic: Athletic ability. Other factors may be secondary.
  3. Honorary: Certain unique personal characteristics or accomplishments. Other factors may be secondary.
  4. Service: Personal contribution to a community, organization, discipline, profession, or activity. Other factors may be secondary.
  5. Other: Need, interest, potential, place of birth or residence, lineage. Other types may be secondary factors. The formal presentation ceremony for a given award should be arranged and implemented by the administrative unit from which students are eligible for the recognition, i.e., the academic department for its recognitions, e.g., highest grade in engineering, and the University for its university-wide recognitions, e.g. Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.