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Announcements for Alumni

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Have some Honors graduation photos to share, recent or vintage? Send them along; we'll post a sampling.

A legacy of Tills surround Dr. Barnes: Jeremy, John, Rita, Micah, and Abby at the 2016 Honors graduation. Abby became the third Till to graduate in cursu; brother Jeremy (left) has just completed his second year in Honors.

Are you part on the forefront of biomedical engineering, medical care, alternative approaches to physical or mental health, diet, or exercise, hospital administration, or health care records management? Healthy HAMs is a new chance to network with other Honors grads who, regardless of major, are involved in making the world a healthier place. Want to get to know some professionals with innovative ideas for the future of wellness, nutrition, medicine, rehabilitation, and more? Let us know.

Regional Honors alumni get-togethers: Want to organize a group in your city or region? Drop a note to Dr. Barnes and we'll plan for something tailor-made to the group in your area.

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