Honors Program

Honors Alumni Mentors (HAMS)

Are you a HAM?

Honors Alumni Mentors (HAMs) are Tech Honors graduates who are happy to share their expertise occasionally with current Honors students. Typically, this assistance takes the form of offering advice about graduate school, insights into the job market for a particular field, tips on travelling to a certain country, experience in a co-op or internship, or what to expect when interviewing for positions in a shared discipline.

HAMs play an informal but vital role in extending the borders of the Honors community across time and space.

If you are a graduate of Tech Honors and would be willing to have a current student contact you from time to time, please write to Dr. Rita Barnes at ritabarnes@tntech.edu, giving your year of graduation and major, describing what you do and a few highlights of life since graduation, and suggesting areas of expertise and experience that you might be able to share. Thank you for being a part of the HAM network!

New: Some of our recent grads have expressed interest in "healthy HAMs": the chance to network with other Honors grads who, regardless of major, are involved in making the world a healthier place. Want to get to know some professionals with innovative ideas for the future of wellness, nutrition, medicine, rehabilitation, and more? Let us know.

Regional Honors alumni get-togethers: Want to organize a group in your city or region? Drop a note to Dr. Barnes and we'll plan for something tailor-made to the group in your area.

We now have an Honors Alumni Facebook Page! Write to Katy (Long) Snow at clsnow@gmail.com if you are a Tech Honors alum and would like to join.