Honors Faculty Liaisons

What's an Honors Faculty Liaison?

The Honors Liaison in your major department is responsible for being aware of Honors opportunities, particularly the range of ways that you can earn Honors credit. They should serve as an advocate for Honors students in their areas, helping other faculty to become familiar with proposal-based offerings, and stimulating interest in participation in Honors teaching.

Please introduce yourself--and introduce yourself to the chair of your department if no Honors Liaison is listed. 

Honors Faculty Liaisons 

Agriculture & Human Ecology (all College of Ag & HEC majors): Dr. Dennis Duncan dduncan@tntech.edu 

Art: Ms. Kim Winkle kwinkle@tntech.edu

Biology: Dr. Brad Cook sbcook@tntech.edu

Business (all College of Business majors): Dr. Meral Anitsal manitsal@tntech.edu and Dr. Sean Alley salley@tntech.edu

Chemical Engineering: Department chair Dr. Robby Sanders at rsanders@tntech.edu 

Chemistry: Ms. Anne Marie Carrick acarrick@tntech.edu

Civil & Environmental Engineering: Dr. Alfred Kalyanapu akalyanapu@tntech.edu and Dr. Tania Datta tdatta@tntech.edu

Communication: Dr. Brenda Wilson bwilson@tntech.edu

Computer Science: Dr. Jerry Gannod jgannod@tntech.edu

Curriculum & Instruction (all Education majors except EXPW and Psychology): Dr. Amy Callender amycallender@tntech.edu

Earth Sciences: Dr. Lauren Michel lmichel@tntech.edu

Education: See Curriculum & Instruction, EXPW, or Psychology

Electrical & Computer Engineering: Dr. J. W. Bruce jwbruce@tntech.edu 

Engineering: See your major (listed alphabetically)

English: Dr. Paulina Bounds pbounds@tntech.edu

Environmental Studies: Dr. Tammy Boles tboles@tntech.edu

EXPW: Dr. Michael Phillips mbphillips@tntech.edu

Foreign Languages: Dr. Martin Sheehan msheehan@tntech.edu

General & Basic Engineering (GBE majors only): Dr. Chris Wilson cwilson@tntech.edu

History: Dr. Susan Laningham slaningham@tntech.edu 

Interdisciplinary Studies (except for Communication and Environmental Studies): Dr. Steve Frye sfrye@tntech.edu

Manufacturing & Engineering Technology: contact Department Chair Dr. Fred Vondra fvondra@tntech.edu 

Mathematics: Dr. Rick Le Borne rleborne@tntech.edu

Mechanical Engineering: Dr. Sally Pardue spardue@tntech.edu

Music: Dr. Matthew Younglove myounglove@tntech.edu

Nursing  (all levels): Dr. Barbara Jared bjared@tntech.edu

Physics: Dr. Mary Kidd mkidd@tntech.edu

Political Science & Sociology: Dr. Lauren Harding lharding@tntech.edu 

Psychology: Dr. Derrick Edwards dedwards@tntech.edu

Sociology: See Political Science & Sociology 

Undecided or considering another major? Talk to the Liaison in the major you are considering.

Please note: This list changes as faculty responsibilities change, so updates will be made as soon as new information becomes available.

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Honors Faculty Liaisons