Honors Program

Honors Colloquia

Colloquia (pl.), Colloquium (sg.)

An Honors Colloquium 

is an interdisciplinary three-credit course uniquely designed by Tech faculty. 

Honors Colloquia are available only to current members of the Honors Program. 


One of the most popular benefits of Honors is the opportunity to take an Honors Colloquium (HON 4023, 3 cr). As part of the requirements for graduation in cursu honorum, Honors students complete two Honors Colloquia OR one Colloquium and one pre-approved upper-division Honors alternative. Priority is given to upperclassmen who are approaching graduation in cursu honorum, having completed their other Honors course requirements.

Students: Alternatives to a second Colloquium include Honors Upper Division in the Major, conducting research for Chemical Engineering Distinction in the Major, doing an Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis, or an Honors Directed Study. These alternatives are proposal-based, so be sure to plan a semester ahead to complete your proposal with a qualified professor. See "Honors Classes" on this website for further details.

Faculty: interested in teaching an Honors Colloquium? Colloquia cannot replicate existing or concurrent course offerings.  If you would like to propose an idea, send a message to ritabarnes@tntech.edu, and we will get you started with the proposal process. Honors Colloquium proposals are reviewed by the Honors Council each semester.   Faculty may apply for an EDGE Colloquium Grant after the Colloquium is approved by the Honors Council.

Fall 2018 Colloquia:

Local Institutions and Civic Engagement, team-taught by Drs. Lori Maxwell (Political Science), Sue Piras (Nursing), Jennifer Meadows (Education), and Ada Haynes (Sociology)

Brain Implants and Beyond, team-taught by Drs. Ed Lisic (Chemistry), Doug Talbert (Computer Science), and Scott Christen (Communication)

The Guilty Body: Ethics, Culture, and Technology, taught by Dr. Mary Ramler (English)

Spring 2018 Colloquia:

The American Frontier, taught by Dr. Troy Smith (History)

Astrophotography, taught by Drs. Mary Kidd and Steve Robinson (Physics)

Fall 2017 Colloquia:

Engineering and Social Justice, taught by Drs. Tania Datta (Civil Engineering) and Sally Pardue (Mechanical Engineering and STEM Center)

The Literature of Black Lives Matter, taught by Dr. Ted Pelton (English)

Spring 2017 Colloquia:

The Human Body and Visual Art, team-taught by Dr. Melissa Geist (Nursing), Ms. Kim Winkle (Art), and Mr. Marc Burnett (VP for Student Affairs and painter)

Alternative Energy Devices and Policies, taught by Dr. Cynthia Rice (Chemical Engineering) with guest speakers from a range of disciplines

The Idea of a University, taught by Dr. Laura Cruz (Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning)

To see a list of many Honors Colloquia we've offered in past semesters, click here.