Honors Program

Honors Contracts

Can't find an honors section for the course you need? Think creatively and make an Honors Contract. 

November 19, 2018 is the deadline for all Spring 2019 Honors Contracts.

Download and print an Honors Contract proposal form for the class you wish to contract.

Honors Contract Forms must be completed and approved in full during the semester before the course will be taken.

What is an Honors Contract?

An Honors Contract allows an Honors student to turn a regular class into an Honors experience. If you cannot find an Honors credit-bearing opportunity for the semester, and you will have completed your first full-time semester in Tech Honors, the Honors Contract might turn your dilemma into an opportunity.

Which of my courses should I consider for an Honors Contract?

Courses in which Honors sections are not normally offered. Contracts in your major-specific courses are especially valuable, because they show your initiative in your field, as well as giving you a chance to develop a working relationship with faculty. This opens the door to future opportunities for research, excellent letters of recommendation, and professional career mentorship.


Students are encouraged to take as many of their General Education courses as possible in traditional Honors courses, which are small and designated for Honors students only, reserving contracts for exceptional situations and projects focused in major-specific work.  See also Experiential Learning for other credit-bearing opportunities.

How to make an Honors Contract proposal:

1. Print out these instructions and the PDF Honors Contract Proposal Form (above).

2. Think about what about what intrigues you: is there a way to incorporate your special interests into the course material through an Honors Contract project? Meet with Honors Graduate Assistant Tatiana Bauer if you need basic assistance.  Dr. Barnes is also very happy to meet you by appointment for a brainstorming session.

3. Ask the professor who is teaching the course if you may do an Honors Contract, bringing with you the form and these instructions. If the instructor is an adjunct or the course instructor is TBA, the project requires chair approval.

4. With the guidance of the professor who is teaching the course, prepare a preliminary written draft of the proposed contract project. (See note for #3 above.)

5. Take the fully completed and signed Honors Contract form to the Honors director for approval before the announced deadline.

6. If the project is approved by the Honors Director, your name will be removed from the class roster of the non-Honors course, and a special Honors section will be created in which only you can enroll.

Make sure that you have added the Honors section which has been created just for you (e.g., 800, 801, etc., with "Honors" in the course title) on Eagle Online.

7. If the professor teaching the section is changed, it is the student's responsibility to confirm the validity of the project with the new professor, obtain their signature, and submit the updated version of the form promptly.

8. By the end of the semester in which you are taking the course, you must turn in ONE of the following to the Honors office:

  • If you wrote a paper for your Honors Contract, submit the final graded version with the teacher's comments.
  • If your Honors Contract did not include a paper, submit a one-page report summarizing what you learned and reflecting on how the work supplemented the regular course; along with the teacher's comments.

This documentation will become part of your Honors portfolio.