Honors Program

Experiential Learning


            Above: Bethany Pinzur (Hist and Spanish, '15), a Gilman Scholar, in South Korea

Honors Credit for Extraordinary Experiences

Studying abroad, doing a co-op, a research internship, or other intensive off-campus educational experiences can help you make the most of your life. As an Honors student at Tennessee Tech, you're encouraged to explore programs that will challenge you, deepen your understanding of the world, and gain knowledge that pertains to your goals. 

Honors Experiential Learning lets you earn Honors credit by pre-approval only for certain challenging experiences such as language-intensive or research-intensive programs in study abroad, research-based internships, innovative service leadership, and other selective experiential learning experiences. Complete the Experiential Learning Application and meet with Dr. Barnes a minimum of one semester before you plan to begin your activity (April 6, 2018 for fall proposals).