Honors Program

Experiential Learning

Honors Credit for Extraordinary Experiences                                                                                                                          

Studying abroad, doing a co-op, a research internship, or other intensive off-campus educational experiences can help you make the most of your life. 

As an Honors student at Tennessee Tech, you can also create your own distinctive experiences as you investigate resources  that will challenge you, increase your career readiness, and explore your most deeply-held concerns about social challenges.

Some of the ways students have earned credit through Honors Experiential Learning:

*Taking a specialized course in their major field while studying abroad for a semester

*Doing a faculty-supervised, selective or self-designed internship

*Executing a community-based feasibility study and action plan to address an unmet need

*Participating in faculty-mentored individual research on campus

*Teaching in a special-needs camp (see caveat under "Tips" below)

*Leading a substantial civic engagement project

*Full-immersion language study

*Summer research at ORNL and through the National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) on university campus 


NOTE: Honors Experiential Learning can earn from 1 credit hour to a maximum total of 6 credit hours toward the lower-division Honors requirements (i.e., the area commonly referred to as 15 credit hours distributed among at least 3 areas).  Experiential Learning credit cannot usually apply to Honors upper-division requirements; however, Honors Upper Division in the Major proposals that include experiential learning components in the context of advanced work in the major field are very welcome.


Tips and other suggestions for planning Honors Experiential Learning:

*Proposals should involve well-planned, hands-on experiences related to your major

* Internships should focus on individual initiative, rather than being a "cog in a wheel" or filling unskilled service positions

*Proposals focusing on teaching as the chief component should demonstrate a clear connection to excelling in your major field; eg, teaching at a leading summer music camp; teaching computer skills in a specialized setting.

*Consider applying for the Department of State's Critical Languages Scholarship, which funds 10-12 weeks of language and cultural study at sites around the globe in 14 different languages for which there is a critical need of US speakers.

*Investigate summer internship opportunities through your department, DOE, NIH, the Smithsonian, and nonprofits.

Honors Experiential Learning lets you earn Honors credit by pre-approval only

Complete the Experiential Learning Proposal form and meet with Dr. Barnes a minimum of one semester before you plan to begin your activity (November 19, 2018 is the deadline for submitting complete Spring 2019 proposals).